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2D/3D Registration of Medical Image and Visualization

Author LiuYang
Tutor ChenWuFan
School Southern Medical University,
Course Biomedical Engineering
Keywords Medical image Registration Digital image reconstruction Visualization
CLC R318
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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The image registration means for a medical image for a space transformation, so that it reaches to the corresponding point on a different medical image spatially matched. Registration in the medical field, mainly used in information fusion of medical images such as CT, MRI, PET, and the comparison of actual medical images and maps, surgical navigation, cardiac motion estimation many ways, it is the basis of medical research and clinical diagnosis, treatment , quality assurance and efficacy evaluation of a wide range of applications. Medical image registration is the premise of the medical image fusion hotspot medical image processing, has important clinical diagnostic and therapeutic value. 2D/3D medical image registration because of its important role in the clinical diagnosis and surgical navigation applications, more and more people's attention. Computer assisted surgery and image-guided surgery, image registration is an important part of the body of data between the two-dimensional image registration for clinical diagnosis and treatment to provide real-time information, assisted surgical navigation. The three-dimensional data obtained preoperatively, the surgery generally collected in the two-dimensional image. Although the lack of such an image of the spatial information of the three-dimensional volume data, but it gets faster and can be reduced to the patient and physician time exposed to the rays. The the intraoperative 2D images with preoperative volume data registration can compensate for some of the spatial information. Currently, 2D/3D image registration research has focused on the rigid registration. This paper focuses on 2D/3D medical image registration techniques in orthopedic surgery. Digital image reconstruction in gray-based 2D/3D medical image registration technology plays an important role. It is used to obtain the two-dimensional virtual X-ray images from the three-dimensional data based on ray tracing algorithms such as CT. A direct impact on the quality of the image reconstruction results to the results of the registration accuracy. Made certain of digital image reconstruction techniques, digital image reconstruction of CT data, and highlight the image of the bone tissue enhancement technology, done a very good preparatory work for subsequent registration. With the continuous development of medical imaging equipment and computer technology, the imaging speed faster and faster, the traditional two-dimensional film-reading method has been increasingly unable to meet the clinical needs, the three-dimensional medical image visualization technology has become very important. VTK is a good visual development kit, it is powerful, easy to use, and open source. Made certain of the visualization algorithms using VTK, the laboratory developed fPAX as a platform to study and to achieve a three-dimensional medical image visualization system. 2D/3D medical image registration techniques in orthopedic surgery to do a certain amount of research, design and realization of a three-dimensional medical image visualization system.

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