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The Demetallization of Heavy Oil and the Application in the Slurry Bed Hydroconversion Process

Author XiSiJie
Tutor ZhouJiaShun
School China University of Petroleum
Course Applied Chemistry
Keywords Heavy oil HDM Nickel porphyrins Hydrocracking Slurry bed hydrocracking Focal
CLC TE624.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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The heavy oil containing a small amount of metal present in various forms, these metals cause some harm to the petroleum processing example, in catalytic cracking, the metallic nickel to change the selectivity of the catalyst, the activity of the catalyst, the metal vanadium causes decreased. To this end, we selected metal nickel content is relatively high Liaohe super-heavy oil as raw material, the removal of metal nickel slurry bed hydrocracking. In order to investigate the metal nickel content super heavy oil in Liaohe existing form of paper using atomic absorption study of nickel content in each component was found: the relatively high content of metallic nickel in Liaohe heavy oil content 93.2ug / g; metallic nickel enriched in glial in the asphaltene content is relatively small. The same time, using the solvent extraction method, and UV-visible absorption spectroscopy studies of metal nickel removal its existing form, research shows that: acetonitrile better able to extract the oil in nickel porphyrin, but the extraction of nickel porphyrin components also need further purification, after methanesulfonic acid after demetallization four free porphyrin characteristic absorption peak appears in the spectrum of UV-visible absorption spectrum, according to the four characteristic absorption of a peak strength order (i LT; LT II; III LT; IV ), can determine Liaohe extra-heavy oil, the main types of metallic nickel porphyrin ETIO type; acid solvent extraction extraction separation method, you can get a different effect of the removal of metal nickel, which MSA can the removal of oil in the metal nickel. In order to investigate the role of the metal nickel compounds in heavy oil slurry bed hydrocracking Liaohe super heavy oil is separated into two, one nickel metal removal, mainly glial nickel removal, and then follow the four groups of crude oil. points proportional relationship back against the composition of the reaction of the oil sample after a removal of the metal nickel. Experimental study found: the porphyrin metal at 390 ° C ~~ 420 ° C, by the thermal reaction and hydrogenation the demetallization reaction may be removal of metallic nickel and sulfur element reaction, generated with a certain catalytic properties of metal sulfide, carbon disulfide, The presence also promotes the hydrodemetallization performed. At higher temperatures, however, soon after the formation of the compound due to the to polycondensation reaction intensified, serious coke removal of metal nickel is coke surrounded by \Thus from a sense porphyrin Nickel the hydrogen thermal cracking of heavy oil Provisional conditions under the \

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