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Study on Radiation-curable Composition Modified by Nanosilica

Author TangFuLan
Tutor MoJianHua
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Materials Processing Engineering
Keywords Rapid Prototyping UV light curing Photosensitive resin Filler Nano-SiO2
CLC TB383.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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Stereolithography light shines on the surface of the photosensitive resin curing layering forming technology . This paper mainly modified study photocurable molding material . Stereolithography technology , the direct impact of the photosensitive resin material light curing the dimensional accuracy of parts , mechanical and thermal performance , while the photosensitive resin prepared Molding developed there poor transparency , poor surface quality , low hardness , poor toughness , heat resistance is not good and other shortcomings , these deficiencies hinder the further development of light- curing technology , and so developed a high-performance molding material has a very important practical significance and value in use . In this paper, the nano- SiO 2 modified photosensitive resin to improve the mechanical properties and thermal properties of the molding material . First discusses nano- SiO 2 < / sub> Surface Modification coupling agent as nano SiO 2 < / sub> modifier to study different modifiers and reaction conditions on SiO < lipophilic sub> 2 , and identifies the best modifier and modification conditions . By infrared spectroscopy modified SiO 2 < / sub> surface groups , and test the modified nano- SiO 2 of lipophilic degree . The results showed that the nano- SiO 2 lipophilic surface modification significantly improved , and with the coupling agent effectively occurred reaction . The nano- SiO 2 dispersed photosensitive resin prepared nano- SiO 2 / UV curing resin composites after curing composite cross section in particle size by scanning electron microscopy the morphology of the distribution , found the modified an SiO 2 nano-particles are uniformly dispersed in the resin matrix . Cured member of the composite material , the mechanical properties and heat resistance test, the results show that the modified curing member linear shrinkage , contraction decreased, hardness, flexural strength, toughness, has markedly improved the heat resistance and also has a certain improved, OK nano SiO 2 best fill the amount of 1% -2% , the composite resin curing parameters of the test , the results showed that the SiO 2 adding increased the critical amount of exposure of the photosensitive resin to reduce the penetration depth , but no effect on the curing of the resin molding .

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