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Fundamental Research on Laser-MIG Hybrid Welding and Its Application

Author WangZhiYu
Tutor HuLunZuo
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Materials Processing Engineering
Keywords Laser -MIG hybrid welding Laser processing Nd: YAG laser Arc power Weld morphology Aluminum alloy
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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Laser - Arc welding is an emerging specialty laser processing technology , it will be two physical properties distinct mechanisms of energy transfer laser and arc heat source composite together simultaneously on the same machining position , give full play to the two sources of heat their respective strengths , but also with each other to make up for their shortcomings , to form a new and efficient heat source . Laser - Arc Hybrid is at least a laser heat source (CO 2 , YAG , etc.) a combination of the heat source with an arc welding (TIG, Plasma, MIG / MAG) , laser-MIG hybrid heat source because of its high welding efficiency, and good adaptability to the gap , the composition and properties of weld controllable , etc. are becoming one of the industrial production of the most important laser welding method . Home and abroad, the laser - Arc Hybrid Welding Research Foundation , laser-MIG hybrid welding technology to craft basic and applied research . First established a CO2 laser -MIG arc rangefinder the compound heat source system , ordinary carbon steel as test materials surfacing test measured the cross-sectional geometry of the weld morphology , hybrid welding compared to laser , electric arc welding penetration and weld width increase , more beautiful weld molding , the composite laser power the greater effect is more obvious . At the end of this time , the use of Nd: YAG laser-MIG arc composite heat source system of the relationship between the laser power , the arc power , welding speed , welding direction , and other parameters and the weld appearance of studies, discussed the interaction between the laser and arc . Study showed that: in certain welding under the process conditions , the laser power is mainly affects the composite weld depth of penetration, while the main arc power impact melting width , the laser arc interactions conducive to increased depth of penetration , but negative effect on the increase in melting width ; the certain power Nd : YAG laser and arc heat source composite weld penetration with increasing arc power increase at first and then decreases , the ratio of the maximum penetration , arc power and composite heat source power is about 0.6 . The corresponding experimental results showed that : the hybrid welding efficiency , before welding adaptability . Finally, laser-MIG hybrid welding technology ZL114 aluminum welding successfully 2mm and 8mm thick flat plate and cylinder composite heat source Tailored Blanks .

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