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Master Budget Management Reaserch in IT Enviroment

Author LiLian
Tutor ZhaoHeXi
School Dongbei University of Finance
Course Financial Management
Keywords Comprehensive budget management ERP Project budget Control Financial Management
CLC F275
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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\Today, it still exudes boundless energy, a profound impact on the social life of the people. Implementation of a comprehensive budget management is the science of this classic saying a concrete manifestation of the process of management of modern enterprises. The overall budget management is a set of systematic, strategic, and the concept of one of the modern enterprise management mode, the performance evaluation of the business. Funds, information integration, clear, moderate decentralization, authorization, strategic drive etc., to achieve a rational allocation of resources, the job is highly synergistic, strategic effectively implement operations continued to improve, a steady increase in the target value. It stressed the need to integrate the entire enterprise information, capital, business, to emphasize moderate decentralization and authorized, by rights, responsibilities and interests of reasonable arrangements for internal control. Dependent on adequate data source for the success of the overall budget management, relying on powerful data processing capability, dependent effective internal control rely on flexible adjustment ability to rely on the scientific method of analysis and system. These requirements have made modern enterprises, especially large enterprises, the comprehensive budget management in the information technology environment. D grid as a regional representative of the state-owned monopoly, its overall budget management of road has gone through many years, and has achieved considerable success. This paper focuses on the analysis the D Grid Corporation of the overall budget case to study the overall budget management of the enterprise IT environment, the thesis is divided into five chapters: the first chapter is divided into Introduction This thesis introduces the research background and significance of the topic and the article basic idea content. The second chapter is a theory expounded part, budget management and accounting information related theory introduced in the emergence and development at home and abroad. This chapter also includes theoretical content of the meaning of budget management, features, functions, and these theoretical analysis theory foreshadowing later case studies. Third, four, five chapters part of the analysis of the case, as the core of this article. The third chapter describes the process of the the D grid overall budget management with the development of information technology. In this chapter, the paper first introduces the basic situation of D Company, and analyzed on the basis of the work under the conditions of the situation and the the FMIS environment based on the departmental level, budget management, analysis and budget management in two ways Evaluation respectively pointed out that the advantages and disadvantages of these two ways budget management. Section IV of this chapter the D Grid Corporation IT environment based on the overall budget management of enterprise-level optimization of dynamic analysis and framework for Chapter played foreshadowing. In the fourth chapter, the thesis project budget, for example Intro D company IT environment based on the overall budget management of the enterprise-level. Of the first account of the reasons for selecting the project budget management as the research object, according to the company's actual brief, involved in the budget system. From the fourth quarter began, the papers in accordance with the logic of the overall budget management, from budgeting, budget control, budget adjustments, budget analysis, budget assessment five segments. At each stage, the papers both theory expounded, explained there are specific processes in business IT systems implementations. In the fifth chapter, the paper first to evaluate the effect of the overall budget management of enterprise-level the D Grid Corporation IT environment analysis for the case, attempted from the two aspects of the system and the personnel proposed ways to improve the management level of the overall budget of the D Grid Corporation. The innovation of this paper is to take case studies, research methods, three-stage introduction of its overall budget management situation, focusing on enterprise-class dynamic IT environment, accurate comprehensive budget management system based on the D grid actual. Which introduced this section is not vague talk about, but to select the most unique part of the project budget management as an object of study, and focused. The paper also analyzes the new comprehensive budget management mode, surviving in the tentative proposed D grid company's comprehensive budget management of improved countermeasures, in this article from the Case Study rise to theoretical research, makes the theoretical study comes from practice, to practice to go.

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