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College Student Management problems faced by the new situation and Countermeasures

Author ChangBing
Tutor QiWanXue
School Shandong Normal University
Course Principles of Education
Keywords Management of College Students New problems New challenges Countermeasure
CLC G647
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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College Student Management in the new situation facing many new situations and new problems. Student management and development of the situation is not enough to adapt, there are many weak links. Strengthening and improving the College Student Management is an extremely important and pressing task. In recent years, the college students' ideological education more and more social concern, College Student Management enriched. Many scholars, including many college students manage the work of front-line staff, the problems faced by the current College Student Management in the concept of innovation, system improvement, team building, etc. have put forward their own views. The results of these studies, the study carried out to lay a good foundation. However, these studies in addition to very small part of the theoretical level and depth of the problems faced by most of the research on student management are just generalities and talk about, not to study the issue generated reasons, or just to see the appearance of some of the problems, there is no touch the essence of the problem; or just to see a particular aspect of the problem, but did not see all of the problem, the lack of systematic. Management workers as a college student, I engaged in College Student Management has been for decades. Among this, I deeply feel the student management for college students on campus learning, life, the importance of practice, but also deeply felt the trust and expectations of students for student managers. , College student work is facing great opportunities, the CPC Central Committee and the State government attaches great importance over the years formed a good student management external environment, as well as a highly valued relatively stable management team, these are student management facing a major opportunity. But at the same time, we can clearly see that college students facing a series of difficulties and severe challenges. Facing the new situation, I have been thinking about, how firmly seize the opportunity, overcome difficulties, College Student Management in China's new ideas, new methods studied. This paper attempts from a macro point of view, multi-dimensional College Student Management System, designed to provide a reference for how to do a good job in the new situation in College Student Management role. The purpose of this study is to solve the existing problems in the current College Student Management and create a viable new management model. The study's basic idea is: First of all, starting from the reality, the analysis of the new situation in College Student Management Problems and analysis that gave rise to the crux of the problem; Second, for real-world problems, to explore new ideas and new Student Management Methods. In this study, the main structure is divided into three parts. The first part of the situation analysis, analysis of the new situation facing the current student management proposed the necessity and urgency of the study of this subject from three aspects of social development, the reform of university, college students growth. The second part of the current problems faced by student management from the five aspects of College Student Management Mode, the environment, team, concept, method, and environmental factors, the concept of factors, human factors, a brief analysis lead to the cause of the problem. The third part is facing new challenges for the Management of College Students suggested a solution from the four aspects of College Student Management philosophy, working methods, work force, work systems and other countermeasures.

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