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The Realization of Interpersonal Meaning by Modality in Question-Answer Section of "21~(st) Century Cup" National English Speaking Competition

Author LuJingJing
Tutor FanZuoZuo
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords English Speech Contest Interpersonal meaning Modal expression
CLC H311.9
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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Halliday functional grammar is a very important part of Metafunctions. Metafunction into discourse function, interpersonal function and the concept of functions of three. Textual function refers to the language itself and coherent, and language domain of linkages; The interpersonal functions is language contacts, and others, to establish and maintain interpersonal relationships, with language to influence the behavior of others, at the same time using the language to express views on the world and even change the world; concept of function is the language for people in the real world, including in the inner world of experience to express systemic functional linguistics modal tone system reflect the interpersonal meaning of a subsystem, the performance of the language interpersonal function means . Halliday modal system, including the situation state of and intended state of technology, such as the possibility, recurrent, tendencies, and the wishes of the expression. modal meanings not only by the modal auxiliary verb embodies, Interpersonal grammatical metaphor, feelings states additional ingredients, modal adjectives and love state name materialized structure modal meanings and so can embody. unfortunately is, Systemic Functional Grammar of modal meanings explore limited to the level of small clause in a specific discourse, the situation state has what kind of performance in the form and function of it? this article to Korean ceremony Germany's system function syntax as the theoretical framework, nearly five times \interpersonal function analyzed and summarized, and seek explanation. study found that modal expressions in the English speech contest questions answered part of the emergence of high frequency, the frequency of use of the modal auxiliary was significantly higher than that of several other modal forms of expression, accounting for to 44.3% of all modal expression; speakers with a more interpersonal grammatical metaphor, which more dominant subjective expression, such as \low, middle and high value form, reflecting a lecture discourse strive objective stylistic features. Meanwhile, the study also found that the modal expression can be achieved in the English speech contest Discourse different interpersonal meaning, not only can help to achieve the objective stylistic features of discourse , follow politeness strategies, interaction and communication with the audience and speakers can help to establish a good relationship between the speaker and audience of this study is to supplement and improve on previous studies, we can enrich the system functions syntax in Chinese Discourse Studies, in particular, to strengthen the language interpersonal function. addition, results of this study, the oral teaching to enhance students' oral communicative competence reference and the reference value.

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