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A Stylistic Analysis of Washington Post Editorial

Author YinBoHui
Tutor ZhaoAnYuan
School Taiyuan University of Technology
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords Stylistics Editorial Language Features
CLC H315
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Stylistics is a modern linguistic theory and research methods to study the stylistic discipline. It is the purpose of the study is that language features with stylistic sense analysis reveals the effect of the use of the expression language and communicative function. With the advent of the information age, in the next world, information is power, access to information and the dissemination of information to become a sign of status and influence of the measure of a country in the world. The mass media become the best carrier for access to information and the dissemination of information, such as newspapers, magazines, radio, television and other media. With the increasing amount of information, news English plays an increasingly important role in the exchange of people. Language learning is mainly a process of practice. Read English newspapers to learn the latest English for English learners to understand the changing world. By reading English-language newspapers, not only to improve the standard of English, and it is also able to understand the Anglo-American society and the state of the world by reading English newspapers, to understand new things in all aspects of political, economic, military, scientific, cultural and social life of the world today and new dynamic. The editorial is often regarded as the important part of the newspapers, because it is the author or editor of speech and to express their views on behalf of respective newspapers way. Discourse as a specific type, the editorial has its own unique stylistic characteristics of both the stylistic features of the stylistic features and a general discussion of the news in English text. It is in the wording of a sentence, article type, article structure, writing features, vocabulary and grammar have not ordinary English, even if it differs from general news reports. However, many scholars the News English stylistic research focused on the study of the news coverage of this genre. This paper argues that it is necessary to News English sub-genre to do further research. The stylistic features of the Washington Post newspaper on a systematic understanding of the editorial English for English learners. This article describes the Research about editorial English background, domestic and foreign experts, scholars and the research method and a brief definition of Stylistics Stylistics object of study, the development of analytical methods and Stylistics Stylistics and the status quo. Three methods: This article focuses on the Stylistics graphology, vocabulary and grammar method and semantics. - Evaluation of the analysis of this article explained the basic description - three steps, vocabulary, syntax, rhetoric, discourse level. Lexical analysis involving the structure of the word; parsing mainly related to the structure of the sentence, the sentence types, verb tense. Due to the close relationship of the stylistic and rhetorical analysis of the editorial the most common rhetorical - asked the question and asked. Discourse level analysis is mainly related to the Post, the Daily News Thematic Progression convergence means and paragraph development model. After twenty taken from the Washington Post's editorial analysis found that the Washington Post newspaper theory terminology accurate, easy-to-understand sentence using the Post, Daily News the use of Short Sentence alternating method. In terminology and focus on the equal exchange of oral arguments; rhetoric tend to ask the question, ask rhetorical method. At the semantic level, the Washington Post newspaper theory to use more parallel Thematic Progression Mode Post editorials on convergence, commonly alleged sexual vocabulary to achieve coherent in paragraph development model, the linear model of development of the paragraph is the main paragraph development model.

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