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Some Geometrical Properties and Moduli of Banach Spaces

Author HeZuo
Tutor CuiYunAn
School Harbin University of Science and Technology
Course Basic mathematics
Keywords Endpoint Consistent lambda nature Non- party constant Generalized non- party constant Fixed point
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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In the past more than 70 years , the study of the geometric properties of generalized Lebesgue spaces has achieved a lot of results , however, research has focused on the overall nature of the space , and the local nature of the space as well as a variety of geometric constant value but did not get enough attention. On the other hand , the non constant as early as 1971 to get the promotion, so far, however , the generalized nonsquare constant research does not have much . This paper focuses on generalized Lebesgue spaces in certain geometric properties and geometric constants , and through a detailed study of the nature of the generalized nonsquare constant promotion of some of the conclusions on the non- party constant , and some new conclusions . First of all, this paper reviews the generalized Lebesgue spaces and generalized non - constant process of development , summarizes the key findings of the previous , and demonstrate the content discussed in this article the basic knowledge , background and significance . Second, the paper characterizes the generalized Lebesgue spaces endpoints and strict convexity , necessary and sufficient conditions for generalized Lebesgue spaces with consistent lambda nature . As a corollary , strictly convex and consistent lambda nature are equivalent in the generalized Lebesgue spaces . Geometric constant calculation , promotion Clarkson inequality , when p (x) satisfies p ... - ≥ 2 or 1 < p ~~ - ≤ P ~ ≤ 2 non- Fang constant in generalized Lebesgue spaces in the exact value . Finally , this paper presents a generalized non- party constant equivalent representations of the upper and lower bounds , has been generalized nonsquare constant ι_p . The value of the space , and to study the relationship between a the generalized nonsquare constant and non - party constant . As a corollary , this paper gives the the generalized nonsquare constant and uniformly convex and uniformly nonsquare relationship , and then get some sufficient conditions for the fixed point property . On the other hand , the article discusses J ( t , X ) and J ( t , X * ) the relationship between the given J ( t , X ) S ( t , X ) upper and lower bounds , to discuss the J ( t , X ) and the relationship between the Banach - Mazur distance , and further study the relationship between J ( t , X ) with the same formal structure .

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