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The Effect of Gamma-aminobutyric Acid(GABA) and Sai Lutong on the Performance and Digestive Tract Development of Weaning Piglets

Author XieXiaoZuo
Tutor WangZhiSheng;ZhouAnGuo
School Sichuan Agricultural University
Course Animal Nutrition and Feed Science
Keywords gamma - aminobutyric acid The thiophene Road ketone Synergies Production performance Plasma gastrin Development of digestive tract Organ index
CLC S828
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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This paper discusses the gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and thiophene ketone weaning growth performance and digestive tract development, the two tests. Test: the Add of GABA and thiophene Road ketone weaning piglets performance alone; weaning age of 28 ± 2 Landrace × Large White piglets 27, were randomly divided into three treatments were basal diet control group, GABA20mg / kg Add group and thiophene Road ketone 20mg/kg add a group, each treatment three replicates, each repeated three piglets, a trial period of two weeks. Test 2: different combinations of levels of GABA and of thiophene Road ketone weaned piglets performance and digestive tract development; comprehensive test points of the two factors and three levels of 3 × 3 design, processing, plus a basal diet control group. 40 DLY 28 ± 2 weaning piglets were randomly divided into 10 treatments with four piglets. The GABA three dose levels to 10mg/kg, 20mg/kg, 50mg/kg; thiophene Road ketone three dose levels to 10mg/kg, 20mg/kg, 40rag/kg. A trial period of four weeks. The test results show that: (1) separate to add 6ABA and thiophene Road ketone improve the production performance of weaned pigs. 20mg/kgGABA set of pre-, post-and of 0.52%, 7.8% and 4.8% (P> 0.05) increase feed intake, daily gain of 9.9%, 7.8% and 7.9% (P> 0.05). Of a 20mg/kg thiophene ketone group early, late period increased by 5.3% of the feed intake, 10.1% and 8.1% (P> 0.05), increased daily gain of 1.7%, 23.2% and 12.8% (P> 0.05). Add GABA alone, thiophene road ketone feed to gain ratio improvement (P> 0.05) were not significantly. The thiophene Road ketone increased feed intake and daily gain better than GABA (P> 0.05). (2) the combined addition of GABA and the thiophene Road ketone improve the performance of weaned piglets, the interaction effect between. The piglet growth decreased with the increase in the amount of GABA Add, thiophene Road ketone promote piglet growth and the level of GABA Add closely related, 0 to 14 days after weaning GABA and the thiophene road ketone interaction effects can significantly affect ADG ( P <0.05), GABA thiophene road ketone (10mg/kg 10mg/kg), GABA thiophene road ketone (20mg/kg 40mg/kg), GABA thiophene road ketone (50mg/kg 20mg/kg) group of the growth-promoting effect and control group, respectively, compared improve piglet piglet weight 8.36%, 12.4% and 10.71% (P <0.05); 15 to 28 days and 0 to 28 days GABA-Road ketone (20mg/kg 10mg/kg) group were increased compared with the control group weight gain of 11.11% and 4.82% (P> 0.05). Feed intake decrease gradually with GABA, and thiophene road ketone increase the amount of additive, 0 ~ 14 days GABA-road ketone (10mg/kg 10mg/kg) group and the control group increased compared 5.12% (P> 0.05); 28 and 0 to 28 days GABA-Road ketone (20mg/kg 10mg/kg), respectively, compared with the control group increased by 12.03% and 9.52%, respectively (P> 0.05). GABA and thiophene-one can significantly improve piglet apparent protein digestibility (P <0.05), the apparent protein digestibility increased with the increase of the added amount of thiophene road ketone the thiophene road ketone contribution rate of 61.7%; the GABA's contribution rate was 38.3%. GABA thiophene Road one (50mg/kg 40mg/kg) group and GABA the thiophene Road ketone (20mg/kg 40mg/kg) group than in the other test group than the control group increased by 3.7% and 3.1% (P <0.05) . (3) the combined addition of GABA, and thiophene Road ketone can significantly improve the piglet plasma gastrin concentration, and the synergies between the two was significant (P <0.05) at day 28. Plasma gastrin concentration gradually decreases with the ketone additives increase in the amount of GABA and thiophene road. Test 14 and 28 days, GABA thiophene Road ketone group (10mg/kg 10mg/kg) to promote the best of gastrin secretion, increased by 14.02% and 9.2% (P <0.05) than the control group, respectively. (4) Combination Added GABA, and thiophene road ketone can significantly improve piglet antrum, spleen index (P <0.01); stomach, pancreas index tends to increase (P> 0.05); and significantly reduce the duodenum, jejunum implicit crypt depth (P <0.05), and to improve the duodenum (P <0.05) and jejunum villus height (P <0.01). In summary, the add of GABA and thiophene road ketone alone and in combination can improve feed intake and daily gain, combined addition of GABA and thiophene Road ketone significantly affect protein apparent digestibility promote the secretion of gastric acid, promotion of the small intestine and digestive organs development.

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