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The Present Condition and the Counterplan Research of Our Residents Income Margin

Author TangWeiBo
Tutor LiGuangLong
School Anhui University
Course Political Economics
Keywords the curve of Kuznets Income margin Gini Coefficient
CLC F123
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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The reform opens, under the instruction of the market economy system, the our country economic social beginning follows to constuct a middle-class family society completely and is in line with with nations of new stage, the economy got a huge development, people living the level got a huge exaltation. From got into for 21 centuries, the GDP of our country still keeps a higher growth rate under the circumstance of[with] economic recession in the world. Focus attention the world for it. But along with reform of continuously thorough, reform various problems within process to also is paid attention to by people increasingly, economy the development appears in the process of the problem is mainly a local need not prosperous with the employment face huge pressure etc., causing most among them social what to pay attention to is an income level of divide continuously, income margin of not reasonable extension the problem is increasingly rigorous, becoming our country economy society of hot point and focus problem, have already influenced seriously our country economy of development speed and quality, and cause many problems of political and social level. Our country the residents’ income margin extends to concretely express for the coefficient of Gini continuously to raise continuously, according to nation statistics the bureau announce of data, 1995 our country of the coefficient of Gini is 0.445, have already exceeded international generally accepted warnning line..This several margins of residents’ incomes of in the last years our countries continue to space out, currently different organization to our country current coefficient of Gini of estimate each not same, greatly part of local scholars conservative estimate to 0.465 above. According to thus of standard, the our country has already become inequality a nation of a. Therefore analytical current our country the residents’ income allotment margin of present condition and reason, carry on a study to the counterplan which contracts an income margin is very meaningful. This text sets out from the theories of income margin, drawing lessons from the standpoint concerning expert scholar, from the city country margin, region margin, profession margin, stratum margin...etc. elaborate current our country residents income allotment margin of present condition and characteristics, and analyzed an income margin formation of the reason of the history, system, policy, finally to how once contracted a big income margin to put forward what time suggestion, hope and remove our country not reasonable of residents’ income margin, become reasonable residents income an allotment structure and form, install social resource and social welfare, improve an income allotment condition and build up harmonizing a society and putting forward a related policy suggestion to the reasonable.This text thinks that currently our country residents income allotment the margin appeared keep on the trend of extension, among them, the not reasonable margin influenced the normal development of social economy seriously, have to cause an enough value. The extension of the income margin has historical reason among them, having already transformed period and economic system and the policy not perfect reason as well. To contract an income margin should make great effort and increase the income level of the low income currently, extend medium etc. income the comparison of, and protect and regulate high income, limit not reasonable income.

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