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Experimental Study on Mechanical Properties of the Sacked Cemented-soil

Author ZhangXunWu
Tutor MaShiCheng
School Xiangtan University
Course Structural Engineering
Keywords sacked cemented-soil cemented-soil curing time cement ratio unconfined compressive strength stress-strain diagram settlement
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Sacked cemented-soil is a compound material, it made of cemented-soil and model-bag in a certain shape which is made from fabric or geotextile. Cemented-soil fills in the model-bag in different shapes based on different needs. Sacked cemented-soil is a kind of new building material which can be used in slope protection and block. This material takes advantages of cemented-soil and sacked soil, meanwhile, it avoids the disadvantages of them. It is a building material which is more practical than both cemented-soil and sacked soil. This material shares the following features, such as high intensity, high compactness, and high speed in construction and so on.This material may be widdly applied in encircle the bastardies, the rivers and streams shore protection, the embankment slope protection, the reservoir earth stone dam slope protection of the hydraulic engineering slope protection, It also may be application in the traffic engineering slope protection、gravity retaining structure and so on ,especially in the gravity retaining structure protection. Along with the textile industry’s rapid development, the construction machinery consummation, the sacked cemented-soil in project application will be more and more widespread, the function also will be more and more obvious.The intensity of cemented-soil and the performance of the model bag directly affect the intensity of the sacked cemented-soil, the study on mechanical properties of the sacked cemented-soil for provide reliable and reasonable safety control for the sacked cemented-soil construction. The main work of this article is experimental study in mechanical properties of the sacked cemented-soil and the subsidence quantity of the sacked cemented-soil parapet.A series of experiments had been carried about sacked cemented-soil with different model bag, different cement mix ratio, different ages to analyze the influence to the mechanical properties of the sacked cemented-soil by curing time, cement ratio model bag and so on. A series of experiment had been carried out about sacked cemented-soil examination of a 2160mm×1000mm×2250mm test parapet. This article analyzes the unconfined compressive strength of sacked cemented-soil in parapet under the condition of different curing time, different accumulated load and being soaked or not. It also discusses the influence of the unconfined compressive strength that produced by model-bag、accumulated load、age curing time and soak. It got the conclusion including the strength RDS of the sacked cemented-soil with different curing time and the strength RDS of the sacked cemented-soil with different accumulated load in the same condition. It also compared the unconfined compressive strength of sacked cemented-soil that curing time of ninety day’s between soaked and without soaked. Analyzed the influence by the load to the subsidence quantity as well as to the sacked cemented-soil single axle compressive strength influence; has carried on the discussion to sacked cemented-soil bulkhead job practice. The experimental study above has provides the theory and the experimental foundations for sacked cemented-soil use in practice.

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