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AI Institute of pay system design and research

Author ZhangRenMi
Tutor WangFei
School Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course Technical Economics and Management
Keywords pay system performance evaluation private institutions of higher learning
CLC G647.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the deepening of China’s reform and opening up, how to attract and retain qualified personnel, in large part to play to their initiative, enthusiasm and creativity of our human resources management challenges. Human resource management compensation system is an important aspect, it relates to corporate strategic goals and employees to achieve their own interests. In terms of firms to improve management efficiency, industry competitiveness, and promote business growth and development is inseparable from good people. For employees, design reasonable, incentive pay system to ensure employees are paid double the economic and psychological satisfaction, and promote staff enthusiasm to achieve their self-worth, let the physical and mental pleasure and a sense of belonging. Therefore, design a fair and reasonable, incentive pay system is significant.This paper is the author of the present study the inauguration of the Institute of AI, AI College is a private higher education, the school is currently still in the mode of remuneration of the traditional administrative wage system, the "post office salary + allowances + benefits" model. The model ignores employee performance, resulting in frequent staff turnover in recent years, restricting the outstanding teachers in the building, affecting the normal development of the sector, increasing the replacement cost of human resources, but also impact on corporate performance. Pay system innovation is imperative.According to the paper’s domestic and international human resource management theory and practice of success, the first research paper highlights the background and significance, followed by the use of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, two-factor theory and equity theory, to better design the college’s status and salary problem, the positions of the pay system for in-depth analysis and research, through diagnosis to be more suitable for the college pay system, that is "performance priority, both internal and external equity," the salary system. Finally, the strategic objectives of the schools to post analysis, based on the evaluation of the relative value of different positions, in order to design a fair and reasonable system of incentive pay.According to the characteristics of this paper, the paper used in the research and writing theory and practice, a combination of induction and deduction literature, lessons learned and empirical research method of combining.Characteristics and contributions of this paper is:in the innovative design of pay system proposed the establishment of a performance- oriented, and integrate into the education, skills, experience and other elements of human capital to reflect the scientific teacher pay system. Related pay system for the private institutions of higher learning to provide reference for innovative design.

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