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Beijing Tongyuan Logistics Enterprise Supply Chain Design and Logistics Distribution Route Optimize

Author LiHua
Tutor ZhangCuiHua
School Northeastern University
Course Industrial Engineering
Keywords Logistics distribution Supply chain management Distribution route optimizing Information technology
CLC F274
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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With the development of economy and improvement of people consumption level, the supply and demand of materials are increase greatly, enterprise and customer have made more and more high requirement for the supply of materials, logistics service that the outcome of socio-economy development is paid attention to gradually by people. Logistics include seven process that stock, transportation, warehouse, distribution, packaging, circulate to process and information handling, in which, logistics distribution possess important position in entire supply chain management as is a tache of key, distribution organization whether is succeeded directly concern the efficiency of the entire supply chain. Therefore, with the structural adjustment of the production enterprise and circulation enterprise of our country, the fast development of economy and the aggravation of market competition, logistics distribution industry can get more and more pay attention.Logistics distribution industry of our country just start, management experience is short of fairly, application level of information technology and network technology is lower, distribution business process still stay mostly in the handwork operating stage of tradition. Through investigation to logistics distribution enterprise of Beijing tongyuan etc, refer to relevant document information of logistics distribution, summarize existent major problem of logistics distribution enterprise, as follows:First, now the informative level of the most of logistics distribution enterprise is lower, many businesses still stay in handwork operating stage, work efficiency is not high; Second, logistics distribution business process of tradition can not meet the development requirement of modern logistics, need to carry out business process transform or reshuffle; Third, logistics distribution supply chain management still stay mostly in theoretical research stage, distribution enterprise that realize really supply chain management is very few; Fourthly, city logistics distribution route is more regular, flexibility is worse; Fifthly, value added service that logistics distribution enterprise offers for customer is still insufficient.According to above existent problem, refer the success distribution management experience and the advanced distribution technology and network technology of developed countries, research the supply chain management and the application of IT of logistics distribution enterprise of our country, research content includes 3 aspects mainly: First, lucubrate the application of EDI technology of logistics distribution enterprise, design EDI application frame in supply chain system of logistics distribution, EDI is information platform that offers the operation management decision means for enterprise decision layer and employee with the management thought of systematization, that establishes on computer IT foundation. It is complete production management planned system, is also the effective management pattern that realizes enterprise overall benefit. The application of EDI can reduce capital occupy of raw materials, reduce stock, reinforce the information exchange and relation harmonization of trading partners;Second, through the investigation of business process actuality of logistics distribution, carry out the optimization of business process, design efficient and fast supply chain system of logistics distribution, In supply chain system design of distribution enterprise, the paper offers existent major problem according to distribution business process actuality of Beijing tongyuan company logistics company. In the operation pattern of enterprise aspect, according to the development actuality of logistics distribution enterprise, combining modern economic and social development, and people the needs of consumption, the paper offers to develop logistics distribution center of socialization. In informative pattern, apply IT and network technology to raise the informative level of enterprise, and carry out informative process design of logistics distribution. In distribution business process, redesign business process of supply chain according to actuality;Third, combine actual logistics distribution enterprise, design vehicle scheduling system of logistics distribution route, and optimize present distribution route, The optimization of distribution route includes not only optimization of route, but also vehicle scheduling of distribution route. The vehicle scheduling problem of distribution route includes not fully loaded vehicle scheduling problem and fully loaded vehicle scheduling problem. The paper establishes vehicle scheduling model with time windows according to the optimization method and thought of distribution route of saving algorithm, research not fully loaded vehicle scheduling problem with pick-up and delivery, design vehicle scheduling system of distribution route, select the partial distribution point of Beijing Tongyuan company to carry out route optimization.

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