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On the Constructive Thought of Van Fraassen’s Constructive Empiricism

Author TangKe
Tutor ZhangJinJie
School Xiangtan University
Course Philosophy of Science and Technology
Keywords Van Fraassen Construct Model Experience appropriateness
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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In the 1980s, scientific realism around the scientific theory with the anti-realist ontological commitment and truth in a fierce debate. Well-known anti-realist theory by Van Fraassen the constructive empiricist point of view put forward in the debate gives a fresh feeling. Construction of the essence of the experience on his dialectic construction of ideology. In in Van Fraassen Construction ideology, he a reversal of the traditional scientific theory correspondence theory point of view, but from the perspective of construction gives science a new image. Van Fraassen scientific realism simply summarized as: Science gives our picture of the world is real, and its details are reliable, the the scientific assumptions entity is real; scientific progress obtained through discovery rather than invention 's. Van Fraassen refute this view of scientific realism, he believes that scientific activity is not a process of discovery, but a process of construction; scientific activities not found the truth was unobservable, but to construct suitable model. Construction thinking is the core of the scientific theory of truth conversion, that the aim of science is not truth-seeking, it is not necessary to explore whether the scientific theory for the truth, and only need to construct a proper scientific theory model with experience can. Although the Fan? Fraassen Construction thought, scientific theories less measure dimensions of the truth, but the view from the dimension of experience appropriate and accepted scientific theory, scientific theory also has a very important significance. The the Van Fraassen Construction ideology dialectic Construction on the construction of an empirical and objectivity based on a semantics and pragmatics method. Construction thinking subjectivity and objectivity organic blend, is a more appropriate generalization of the scientific theory of relations with the world and the relationship between the scientific theory and application. Van Fraassen Construction ideology avoid the scientific theory of truth standard, replaced modeling experience appropriate standard, so not only reduce the risk of commitment, and also allows the evaluation of the scientific theory in the broader field performance the a valuable practical value and open thinking. Therefore, although there are still inadequacies Construction ideology, but overall, it is the philosophy of science research is still important inspirations.

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