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The Study in Living-law of Shan Xi Merchants’ Culture

Author CaoYanQiong
Tutor ZhaoXiaoZuo
School Shanxi University
Course Legal Theory
Keywords Jin culture Living Law Legal Value Run
CLC D90-05
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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In recent years, we indulged in a foreign culture, system migration, but they ignore the traditional cultural heritage and transformed the market economy ethical missing, thereby undermining the order of the market economy. Lost moral support of legal control, the specification also appeared to be inadequate, it is difficult to create a standardized and orderly economic atmosphere. Foreign culture, the rejection of the system once again remind us to re-examine their own traditional culture. I return to the long history of local search, found the Shanxi Merchants brilliant performance in the long river of modern Chinese economic one unique, plays an important role in the history of World Business. Thus, it is immersed in the research literature of all kinds of Shanxi Merchants Jin culture is very rich in content, multi-disciplinary, multi-angle, multi-field value and aesthetic significance. However, more than from the history of science, economics research, rare excavated from a juridical point of view. Based on this, I tried to try the perspective of jurisprudence examine, interpret Jin culture. After the study, I believe that although the Jin culture and statutes in the modern sense, but some content can transcend time and space limitations and the law of universal significance. Therefore, in this article from the the Shanxi Merchants historical data in Anecdotes dig implicit mining to explore the the Jin culture of legal elements, that the perfection of the rule of law in today's society, especially the formulation of the law is difficult to match, to provide a reference and the reference value. Ehrlich's \First mining method value which contains the basic qualities of performance: heavy business ethics culture is inseparable from the support of justice; tenacious dedication derived from the interests of the incentive; standardized operating environment depends on the order of protection; sustainable Capital proliferation derived from efficiency to maintain; thanks to the harmonious advocating good business climate. Second explore a the Shanxi Merchants development rely on a stable and harmonious economic order. This standardized and orderly thanks to the effective operation of Shanxi Merchants in the \Substantive rules that of Shanxi Merchants internal constraints implicit rules explicit rules - integrity and external regulation - shop rules, the guild regulations; program execution through industry associations such as mediation to the implementation of the \to protect the interests of the parties. Raised on the basis of my food for thought, collusion between the reality of China's national conditions to draw the following revelation: First, build the interests of the law, to establish law tools reasonableness authority and value rationality authority; second, to clarify the state law and the \relationship, the positive interaction between the two; Third, cultivate the main Lutheran ethics of the market economy, to lay the law-abiding cornerstone; fourth, the introduction of the integrity visit Dispute mediation mechanism and the interests of the guild for Dispute perfect diversification dispute resolution mechanism . Finally, pointing to China's rule of law requires the traditional method of Chinese culture, mining, transcendence and innovation, in order to construct a market economy and the rule of law with Chinese characteristics suitable for China's national conditions.

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