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Analysis on Countermeasures and Developmental Advantages of Modern Tobacco Agriculture of Yanshan County in Yunnan Province

Author WangYueNeng
Tutor WangRenMin;ZhangShiRong
School Zhejiang University
Course Agricultural Extension
Keywords Tobacco modern agriculture socialization service specialization service intensification management
CLC F326.12
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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This article has summarized the Wenshan state Yanshan County development modern tobacco agriculture superior, the inferiority and the modern tobacco agriculture construction implementation situation. Through has carried on the edit analysis to Yanshan County’s climatic conditions and the soil chemical examination analysis result; The introduction circulation economical idea, the application standardization production and the GAP management method, develop the use resources reasonably, raises the intensified management level; According to the modern tobacco agriculture construction request, links to the Yanshan County reality, has carried on the modern tobacco agriculture construction practice; Has carried on the socialized service exploration systematically in the construction process,has set up 6 socialized service troop.Through practice:Had determined initially the present stage yanshan presently the most suitable specialized service troop construction pattern, the present stage Yanshan County’s specialized service troop take constructs the owner leading the specialized service troop auxiliary to serve the troop as the subject by other type specialization. The modern tobacco agriculture model district earlier period being established four specialized service troop altogether may save for the smoke agriculture employs labor for 20.8 working days.The smoke agriculture saves pays wages 76.52 Yuan/Chinese acres. From this sees:Through the implementation modern tobacco agriculture, significant link production employing labor has undertaken by the specialized service troop, specially turns the plow, the ridging, transplants, link and so on roasting employing labor. Reduced turned the plow, the ridging, transplants the link the employing labor quantity and the labor intensity, was the smoke agriculture study modern tobacco agricultural production technology and the management information wins the time, has guaranteed the fine refinement supervisory work. The smoke agriculture in the participation roasting work, did not safeguard the field leaf tobacco to pick the work maturely, the smoke agriculture may aim at the different land parcel, the different variety recovery leaf tobacco gives the owner to bake. Through above analysis, implements the specialized service, has provided the work employing labor safeguard for the formalization production. Realized the tobacco agriculture "to reduce the labor efficiency" effectively, has laid the solid foundation for the realization formalization production. The experiment site smoke area 8000 Chinese acres altogether purchase the leaf tobacco 24000 buckets, realizes 730 household smoke agriculture to receive 17,520,000 Yuan. The yield per mu 150 kilograms, the yield per mu value 2190 Yuan, the even price 14.6 Yuan/kilograms, the superior smoke proportion 70%, in 2007 the experiment site smoke area output enhances 16.3 kilograms/Chinese acres, the yield per mu value enhances 519.1 Yuan, the even price enhances 2.37 Yuan/kilograms, the superior smoke enhances 9.2 percentage points.

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