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Study on Marx’s Theory of Industrialization and the Contemporary Value

Author HanJunYi
Tutor WanChangSong
School Yanshan University
Course The philosophy of Marxism
Keywords Marx's theory of industrialization Philosophy of Industry Traditional industrialization New industrialization Human emancipation
CLC F091.91
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Industrialization is a higher form of society mankind entered insurmountable stage , the modern industrialized countries of the world have pushed the modern road , but also to national economic and social development has brought a variety of problems . Industrialization theory is an important part of Marxism is the theoretical foundation of Marxism Philosophy of Industry and realistic basis . Marx capitalism based on the occurrence, development and maturation of historical conditions , the process of capitalist industrialization and essence of criticism and reflection , exposes the capitalist society in the creation of great material wealth, while bringing the ecological crisis, social crisis and the alienation and other issues. Based on Marx's theory of the systematic study of industrialization , while affirming traditional industrialization to promote social development under the premise of the role of historical progress , the main analysis of its drawbacks. Explore the practical significance of Marx's theory of industrialization , for our country to take a new road to industrialization to provide a theoretical foundation and guiding ideology. Through the above research, the paper concludes : industrialization of human society must pass through the path of social development , and only through industrialization to achieve development of the social productive forces , enhance the comprehensive national strength and people's living standards improve purpose , in order for the realization of communism lay productive base . But in private ownership under the conditions of industrialization can only bring man and nature and between man and society disharmony , bringing human alienation . Only the elimination of private ownership , the realization of communism in order to eliminate all alien things , and ultimately the liberation of mankind . I believe that the theory of Marx Reinterpretation of industrialization and human history of industrialization reflection, which helps us to recognize our need to take a new road to industrialization , and this for the world's industrialized development of a new reference .

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