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Design and Research on the Prop-blade Barycenter Measurement System

Author LinHu
Tutor LiangYanDe
School Dalian University of Technology
Course Mechanical Design and Theory
Keywords Propeller Paddle Center of gravity Measuring Data acquisition
CLC U664.33
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Large marine propulsion propeller blades casting is completed, the actual center of gravity of the moment and the position of the center of gravity and drawings (theory) requirements are quite different, a great impact on a number of performance indicators for this difference will vessel, which requires The measurement and correction of the position of the center of gravity of the blades, so that the center of gravity in a more ideal position. Using traditional planar projection of the center of gravity of the torque balance method to measure the center of gravity, not only to measurement error and measurement also has a certain amount of insecurity For larger specifications paddle,. Complex surface shape of the propeller blades, supporting and measurements are more difficult problem, we propose and design a degree of automation and higher detection accuracy and the use of safety blade center of gravity detection system. The the propeller blade center of gravity detection system detection principle is the use of theoretical mechanics spatial geometry of the static moment balance theory and linear algebra equation for the measurement of the position of the center of gravity and moment calculation. The system uses the the servo stabilization support structure design, to solve the problems paddle barycenter detection when supported and measured, using a sliding the screw supporting ensures the stiffness of the vertical support structure and the ability to adapt to the specifications of different blades, so that the entire measuring system safe and reliable. The design of the self-centering of the spherical weighing the support can make the blades easier to achieve the desired equilibrium position. Design automation control and improve the measurement accuracy of the automatic control system and data detection system to the completion of the center of gravity detection, selection of high-precision weighing sensor and displacement sensor to ensure the accuracy of the position measurement. The choice of servo control system and computer data acquisition system can guarantee the accuracy of the measurement, and to increase the degree of automation of the measurement. Compiled Visual C-based software program for human-computer interaction and data exchange, data acquisition card data acquisition and motion control card data from the various sensors signal into a digital computer can identify read by the program, to the screen after a program of transformation calculated, can also be saved to a variable or file for reference. The center of gravity of the measurement system is a set of mechanical structure design, data acquisition and processing, and soft, the hardware automatic control mechatronic systems. In theory, the system device to solve some deficiencies that exist in Dalian Marine propulsion plant the traditional propeller blades used detection method of the center of gravity, and the other has a similar structure of the center of gravity of the object detection provides a valuable reference. The center of gravity of the subject design measurement system not only improves the measurement accuracy and safety of operation, but also improve production efficiency. The design of this project measuring device suitable for single blade specifications range from 20kg to 600kg.

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