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The Study on Development of the Red Tourism Resources of ZaoZhuang

Author LiLi
Tutor WangGuangZhen
School Shandong University
Course Specialized History
Keywords ZaoZhuang city red tourism red resources development and utilization
CLC F592.7
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Red Tourism, as a new type of tourist industry, emerged in 1995, and the time is coming to its 7th year now. The market of our country is more and more active after the development of these years, which has become a new growth point of our economy. Besides, it both stimulates the economic development of regions effectively and carries out patriotic education in the new period perfectly, which is worthy of further strong hold on the State and Development.As a city has a long tradition and rich history of revolutionary relics, ZaoZhuang has a unique condition in the developing of Red Tourism, what’s more, it has a broad prospect for development in the future. This article picks the red tourism resources of Zaozhuang as subject, and chooses the method of literature and field research, which is based on the general situation, the market characteristics and the market potential of the red tourism resources in Zaozhuang. I hope this article will have a contribution to the development of the ZaoZhuang city.This paper starts with the basis and the concepts of red tourism, and contains the following three parts:The first part includes the first two chapters, the first chapter is a systematic summery of red tourism and the basic theories of red tourism. The concepts and contents of tourism mainly come from integration of authority. Besides this, I sum up six basic characteristics of tourism resources, including exploitability, political and educational, revolutionary and historic, regional and folk, non-renewable, and confluent. The second chapter is a summary of the development status of ZaoZhuang red tourism resources, and on the basis of it, I make a thorough inquiry in the advantages and disadvantages on the red tourism.The second part is the main part of this paper, through the analysis of data that obtained in the field research, the author charts some forms to determinate the market profile of ZaoZhuang red tourism. By analyzing the following four aspects, market characteristics, consumers’characteristics products, consumption intention, and the views of the products, prepares a good condition for exploring the market further and the industrialization of red tourism.In the third part, the author puts forward her own views on development-modes and countermeasures, which includes the expand of the scope that on the basis of experienced economy and the exacerbation of the connote, and deeply put forward the following new measures:(1) Adhering to combination of the market operation and government-led mode; (2) Innovating market tools, using the modern high-tech means to make the way of exhibition copious, and by the ways of theme park to attractive more visitors and to increase the participation and interaction; (3) Accelerating the collaboration of red tourism and other types of tourism, such as traditional sightseeing tour, ecology tourism, folk tourism, country tourism and city tourism, forming a new strength of development.The exploitation of red resources is not only a key economic project that will benefit many people, but also a project that involves politics, culture, benefits and so on. Therefore, ZaoZhuang city should make the best of the rich red resources, give full play to its advantages in resources and geographical, strive on the development and utilization of its red culture resources effectively and actively, and enhance the market space of red tourism, in order to promote the sustainable development of ZaoZhuang city earlier and faster.

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