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The China NPO elderly social welfare

Author ShaoWenJuan
Tutor LiuXiaoMei
School Dongbei University of Finance
Course Social Security
Keywords Non-profit organization ( NPO ) Old-age benefits Socialization of social welfare
CLC C913.7
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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China is in a period of social and economic transformation, the social welfare system is also engaged in a massive change. The transformation and development of our society in various fields have a profound impact. The process of change in the social welfare system, a force of civil society - the non-profit organization gradually shows a unique advantage in the provision of welfare services, causing widespread concern in all sectors of society. This article is based on the concern of both the social welfare and non-profit organizations, the two combine research, analysis of social welfare in Japan to carry out non-profit organizations in the meantime the role and function of the combination of China's economic system reform and social change in other areas , non-profit organizations in the development of China's social welfare system. In this paper, four parts that non-profit organizations involved in the background of the old-age benefits, the status quo, examples, and evaluation and analysis, and finally concluded: With the development of market economy and social changes in the structure, non-profit organizations in the field of social welfare has begun to reflect the the advantage of welfare provision, as one yuan important social force in the supply of multi-welfare system. But non-profit organizations in welfare provision at this stage in the access and use of resources, coordinating relations play a role is inherent weak and acquired dysplasia, government, society, the media and other parties make joint efforts to help non-profit organizations out predicament. Our country is currently in a period of social transformation and diversification of interests and needs of the public, laid-off workers is a serious problem, there are a lot of poor and marginalized groups, coupled with the aging of our country ahead of the arrival, in this context, too rigid and obsolete traditional social welfare system is clearly difficult to adapt to the needs of the community. Therefore, it is necessary to supply the traditional social welfare system of fundamental reform, discover the benefits the supply system suitable for China's national conditions, and fully mobilize various resources to participate in the field of old-age benefits supply. The innovation of this thesis is to give full play to the advantages of non-profit organizations in the field of old-age benefits, at the same time to provide benefits to the elderly, but also broaden the country's employment channels, play a role in one stone two birds. This article on the basis of previous studies, citing the examples of home nursing home in Dalian, to illustrate the current situation of China's non-profit organizations involved in the supply of old-age benefits, the limiting factor for the development of the field of welfare, non-profit organization in the analysis on the basis of examples and try to put forward countermeasures. This study related theory-based old-age benefits and non-profit organizations to follow the theory with practice, the use of comparative analysis method, analysis and demonstration of the advanced experience of Japan as a reference template, and then for the supply of non-profit organizations in the field of social welfare in depth.

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