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A Study on Tsingtao Beer’s Strategies of Internationalization

Author JiZhongXiang
Tutor SunNing
School Dongbei University of Finance
Course International Trade
Keywords Beer Tsingtao Brewery Internationalization strategy
CLC F426.82
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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With the continuous progress of the integration of world economy, the process of internationalization of the world beer industry has also been strengthened, had a huge impact on the world beer market. In the past decade, the degree of internationalization of the world's beer industry has been further strengthened, beer production knowledge and technology transfer more quickly. Market share in the worldwide competition to the white-hot stage. New beer manufacturers to actively expand the production and sale of beer, the beer manufacturers are also trying to maintain existing market share. Same time, as China is increasingly becoming an integral part of a powerful economies in the world economy, the potential for consumption of beer products are released, the Chinese beer market increasingly attracted the attention of the world beer production. Chinese people in 2006, an average annual consumption of 25 liters of beer, almost the same with the world's average level. China's beer industry market growth rate of over 10% in 2006, while the year 2005, the growth was only 5% -6%. \China's beer market will maintain a growth rate of 6% -7%, the Chinese beer market competition will become more intense. With suitable international strategy can enhance the viability of the Chinese beer companies in the domestic market and the international market trends, to cope with the fierce competition in the international market. Therefore, the Chinese beer enterprises imminent implementation of international strategy. Many companies have realized this, but in the process of internationalization, there are still some misunderstanding and confusion. The one hand, rely too much on Western economic theory, its strategic research focus in the international market, domestic enterprises how to go abroad, in foreign competition advantage; China's rapid economic development, the internationalization of the domestic market, the market capacity increases, national enterprises how to use their strengths to success in the domestic and foreign markets are few. On the other hand, in the choice of brand strategy, the debate about the traditional OEM and own brand not stopped. According to further research and analysis of the data collected, the article outlines China, the world and some of the beer market in developed countries the current characteristics and trends, the problems of an increasingly competitive domestic and international beer market. At the same time, through a lot of data collection and survey, starting from strategy formulation and implementation, analysis of Tsingtao Brewery Group is in the process of internationalization of the implementation of the two-step strategy. The first step is within international, in the domestic market has been highly internationalized win; outward internationalization, the real sense of the expansion of overseas market. Only bigger in the domestic market, it has the outgoing international basis. Tsingtao Brewery Group in the process of internationalization of the implementation of the strategy of \themselves and not only in the domestic market competition advantage, and can be as successful in the international market, and eventually grow into a true multinational. Organize local beer companies for OEM production in Thailand, only to avoid the tariff barriers, while maintaining the freshness of the beer supply, and enhance its competitive advantage. Tsingtao Brewery Group in accordance with its own characteristics and the environment in which rational choice internationalization strategy for their own development, improve the economic efficiency of resource use, and expand domestic and foreign markets, international operations provide a model for other domestic enterprises to expand the international market new way of thinking path. This article focuses on the context of economic integration of the Tsingtao Brewery international strategy formulation and implementation, as well as international entry mode. This paper is divided into seven parts. The first part introduces the history and status of the Tsingtao Brewery. The second part reviews the internationalization of the reality of the background and theoretical basis. Elaborated on the status quo of the beer industry at home and abroad on the basis of Chapter IV use SWOT model analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the Tsingtao Brewery, opportunities and challenges. The fifth part focuses on the guiding ideology of the Tsingtao Brewery. Then the sixth chapter of the the Tsingtao international mode selection and implementation. The final section summarizes the findings, Tsingtao and other internationalization of Chinese enterprises.

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