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On Akinary Ueda image of a man of the pen

Author GaoHongXia
Tutor YuChangMin
School Jilin University
Course Japanese Language and Literature
Keywords Solid Organs Representative writers Firmly opposed to Feudal ethics Japanese Literature Patriarchal Code of Ethics Works Later years writing Story
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Akinary Ueda is the representative of one of the writers of the early readers, he was also in the Chinese culture, and the song, haiku the deep attainments and knowledge of the tea ceremony. Reading creation Qiucheng during previous works, good or historical reality of the events drawn, in order to express their point of view. Later years writing Qiucheng the \This thesis by comparing two works are two entirely different image of a man, study Qiucheng the \The Genta Fury incident tomorrow and 2004 (1767) December 3. The state of Yamashiro Atago County a ride Teramura villagers of Watanabe source too the Watanabe group times the son of the sister with the same family right fell in love, but they can not get married because of the fierce opposition of the group times. Genta with the sister of the bride dress broke into the home of the group times, and scored in the group in front of her sister's head. Performance Genta words and actions in this incident, he was praised as \Qiucheng in \The Genta sister secretly in love with the right, but right within the family is firmly opposed to their marriage, Genta's sister is the right of the father refused to accept yourself, and right inside the betrayal of their oath and decided to commit suicide. The Genta mother understand why daughter desire to die for love, not only supported her decision, but also let his son Genta assist. Thus, there have been the outcome of the events at the end of the beheading. Genta make beheaded sister so cruel behavior, on the one hand, to the sister from fornication fall in the so-called \maintain the honor of the family. In the incident, he showed the determination and courage, as well as to maintain the spirit of the honor of the family, consistent with the military family respected the spirit of her sister's death, it can be said source too is the ideal image of the military family. Fictionalized treatment of the smiling faces of the dead bodies, based on the facts set an event framework and the relationship between the characters, but set in the details of the characters, events, expand a lot of rewriting. A cases, five had son Wucang sister yuan to help with family travels frequently, unconsciously two fall in love. However, Solid Organs father five times because the other was born in a poor family and resolutely opposed. A case depression into the illness gradually terminally ill. In this case, Wu Zang she decided to marry into the house. However, five times still are not allowed to A Zong door. A case in his last moments hope dead in home Wucang. Yuan to help to understand the mood of the sister took my sister to the five had home, where he scored Choudao A case of head, let her die in the unmarried \If the \The Solid Organs corpses smile \With elegance and civil and military Wucang, in the patriarchal family is a filial, honest man, while a lack of courage and determination. The psychological Wucang, both the feudal moral shackles of the old thinking, but also the pursuit of free love new ideas. Therefore, he filial piety to parents and lovers Lutheran distress, neither rebelling against parents, can not abandon lover. His troubles is how to not break the feudal moral achievements of the love of the parents are not allowed. So he intends to allow parents to adopt a child allowed to inherit the family business, A case runaways married. In this way, they did it on their parents filial piety and loyalty love the best of both worlds. However, this was absolutely impossible. Edo period, Confucianism is the dominant the Confucian moral people must abide by the code of ethics. Confucian family ethics of \Been hailed as a dutiful son of man, in the face of the will of the parents and their love contradictory situation, you should comply with the command of their parents, abandoned lover, that the denial of human feelings and obey the code of ethics. This moral condition Solid Organs in disagreement with their parents is bound to fail. Genta perseverance, bold image of a man compared to indecisive Wucang seems to be called a man. But his behavior is not so much indecision, it would be better to say that the solution is more appropriate to consider the best of both worlds, this is precisely that Wucang excellent. He is not the kind of traditional patriarchal blind obedience to their parents, even abandoned wife should obey their parents command men. The Solid Organs image of a man Qiucheng description, truly understand love, good man image. The image of the description Qiucheng man, except the source Taihe Wucang such as Fan Kuai, pass the inferior many distinctive character, I hope that on this basis, will continue to deepen the study of the image of a man the Qiucheng description.

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