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Translating in a New Perspective of Context

Author HuYiJun
Tutor LiJiao
School Sichuan University
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords Cognitive relations Contextual system Translation context Conflict and Harmony Contextual Effects
CLC H059
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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Since the 20th century Malinowski put forward the concept of context, language school visits contextual issues, mainly from the context examine a variety of complex semantic phenomenon, especially in areas of significance outside the traditional semantics. Context of its birth will be the significance associated. Translation Italian translation, the translation of the fundamental problem is the question of the meaning; the untranslatable and some other translation process and meaning to convey the manner and extent associated; differences lead to a variety of factors in the context of translation the untranslatable translation problem. Translation, an effective way to examine problems in the translation process, that is, from its fundamental problems - meaning the - begin perspective decisive context or a variety of factors interact to determine the meaning of the law, Translation Studies Context Analysis . Thus, according to the context defined in a meaningful way, appropriate intervention in the context of the system, you can affect the meaning of the Interpretation and Construction, thus completing the meaning in Translation. The essence of the meaning of cognitive relations; significance of a variety of syntax, semantics and pragmatics are language-related cognitive relations. Knowing subject - people - core position, decided the characteristics of the cognitive and cognitive relations, the relationship between entities is the object of cognitive activity, the specific relationship between cognitive cognitive relations system. The context is a collection of various cognitive relations associated with a language units. Context and Meaning in essence unity. Discourse the significance reflects exists in the therewith associated Context system. Explain discourse that recreate the context system; building discourse, resulting in the specific meaning is to build a discourse specific context. The various elements of interrelated context coherent characteristics of various types of coherence relations between context elements and levels of subsystem configured as a whole, all levels of coherence relations through a variety of means of convergence for formalization. The context of the system can be divided into context, linguistic context and linguistic Context three subsystems context, its interior through a combination of relatively independent, and polymerization associated with the linguistic context. Translation context areas include the original writings, the translator to understand the context and the translator translation contexts and readers to understand the context. The previous context backward context transition constitute the translation process. The reality in the context of both conflict and in harmony, conflict led to problems in the translation process. There are three types of the context of the conflict: the surplus losses and interference. To solve problems in the translation process lies in the harmony between the reserved context, to eliminate the conflict, to achieve the desired context of peer-to-peer, and finally achieve the original context and the translation of context on. Elimination of three nature of the conflict constitutes a three intervention in the context of the strategy: consumer surplus, compensation and drain. Completely eliminate conflict and context on the ideal difficult to achieve, but pointed out the direction for the translator. The Task of the Translator is to use ways and means to adapt to the context in the translation and the initiative to use text interference translations context, narrowing the difference the translation context with the original context, to try to weaken the conflict, so that the translation and the original context to make may be a peer to complete the effective communication of the meaning of the original. Coherent context and effect of the original understanding of Translation of the main activities of the translation method of choice. This thesis consists of five chapters: The first chapter examines the translation, translation untranslatable theoretical study of the problem and context, revealing the translation process and problems of the important methods and ideas - Context Analysis of Translation Studies; The chapter on the text of the basic theory - a coherent theory of context; Chapter contextual theory is applied to the study of the translation process - describes the context of translation theory and translation ideological context of peer-to-peer; Chapter Context on analysis and interpretation problems in the translation process, and propose appropriate problem-solving strategies; Chapter from the context and coherence effects, the traditional translation methods to explain their applications to be defined.

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