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The Study on Photochromic and Photoswichable Fluorescent Nanoparticles Based on Spiropyran

Author GuLingYan
Tutor ZhangQing
School Shanghai Jiaotong University
Course Applied Chemistry
Keywords Photochromic Spiropyran Nano - polymer Miniemulsion polymerization Fluorescent light control switch
CLC O626.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Spiropyran is the most widely used , the most in - depth of a class of photochromic compounds . Synthesis tert.butoxyformamido - containing amino group (BOC) of the two classes of spiropyran compound doped coating film , and with different concentrations of PMMA respectively investigated chromophores having such a substituted amide group in the polymerization the basic optical properties of the solids in the film . Small molecules containing polymerizable groups spiropyran ( MASP ) with a polymerizable monomer and a crosslinker monomer miniemulsion polymerization method through improved highly copolymerizable crosslinking to obtain an average particle diameter less than 70 nm , the particle size distribution of less than 0.2 has excellent photochromic properties of nano polymer particles , nano - polymer matrix density of the colored open ring merocyanine ( MC ) isomerization geometric obstacles , the merocyanine around greatly reduced the volume of free space , a significant increase in thermal stability . Meanwhile , nano- polymer matrix wherein the functional component of the micro-environment of a protective the - cage effect , prevent the influence of external impurities . Miniemulsion polymerization method using an improved preparation of crosslinked polymer having excellent photoluminescence switch modulation capability fluorescent nano heteroconjugate reaction by their MINIEMULSION and spiropyran - based , light-induced discoloration of MASP as key components in the form of an aggregate embedded macromolecules on the line group , the fluorescence component in the molecular state is dispersed and embedded in a crosslinked polymer matrix , by the photochromic component light-induced fluorescence component intermolecular energy transfer switch photoluminescence . This method enhances the thermal stability of the MC , expanding the application of the spiropyran , i.e. as a light control nanodevices .

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