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Research on the Noise Reduction Effect of Railway Noise Barrier in the Section from K456+370 to K457+900 of Neijiang-Kunming Railway

Author DaiBenLin
Tutor YangLiZhong
School Southwest Jiaotong University
Course Environmental Engineering
Keywords Neijiang-Kunming railway soundproofing barrier the Noise Reduction Effect railroad noise the Schall03 model
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Along with the constant perfect of our country railway , Main environment problem is noise and vibration affects as well as a few brought about by electromagnetic radiation is negative of our country railway in future. Railwaying priority inspects one of aspect , noise problem accepts every method gradually as green to pay close attention to. But our country considers a little environment problem brought about by noise with a large population, on both side of the railway especially both side middle , the east railway are densely populated , the railway construction is main therefore future. But interpose sound barrier being going to be more and more broad as one kind the most effective method , it’s the necessity applying reducing noise. The developed country takes constructing sound barrier as the method having an effect comparatively rational , economical in the respect of improving the sound environment abroad without exception. The starting our country sound barrier is built developing is later , sound barrier is a road conquer noise’s govern measure, on being used for city high speed or fleetness main line like thing having still been century nineties in the homeland. The beginning of 1990’s, Ministry of Communications applies to the measure being denoise purpose on the road in having built architectural sound of more than 100 meters of bricklayer barrier, in the homeland on expensive yellow highway for the first time. Our country railway sound barrier returns back to existence but by now, if the geometry that railway sound barrier designs tends towards the bordering on unified altitude highly, major part are on and on upright almost the structure form being 2-3 m height, sound barrier without exception above the circuit is unitary, wait for a defect, lead to sound barrier denoise effect thereby low. Therefore, The railway sound barrier denoise effect being necessary to different material , thickness and altitude is in progress study.The main body of the thesis has been sketched first to the necessity that sound barrier denoise effect studies, home and abroad research has progressed and at present , has summed up the deficiency that this aspect studies, and has brought forward the thesis research content. And to be effect, classification having summed up sound barrier denoise secondly systematically, the railway noise to home and abroad forecasts a pattern having carried out concrete expounding , analyses each other advantages and disadvantages, It are an example paragraphs, adopt Germany Schall03 to amend the noise value that the pattern has forecast when that section train passes in the section from K456+370 to K457+900 of Neijiang-Kunming railway. And the reality having been in progress then to the noise owing three kinds sound barrier queens set up by section a train when passing is measured, the comparative analysis being in progress with forecasting value and studies, Reach A sound barrier denoise value L_a being 15.3 dB, B sound barrier denoise value L_b is 14.2 dB , C sound barrier denoise value L_c is 17.61 dB. Thereby through, analyse but know, C sound barrier denoise effect is best, is A sound barrier secondly, is B sound barrier finally, B sound barrier and the A sound barrier denoise value gap are not big but , explain that sound barrier denoise goodness and badness is connected with material not only, is connected with altitude and thickness.The main body of the thesis research is that the denoise effect seeking our country southwest mountain railway sound barrier further has certain reference value.

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