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The Interpretation of Pygmalion’s Retranslation from the Perspective of Reception Theory

Author FanYun
Tutor PanZhangXian
School Zhejiang Normal University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Literary Translation Drama Translation Retranslate Reception Theory Horizon of expectations Indeterminacy
CLC H315.9
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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The translation of literary works, retranslation is widespread. The same text, different translators often have different translations, even if the same translator, will have a different translation. Traditional Chinese translation theory in the of translation evaluation criteria, focus on the comparison of the original text, translation, and the pursuit of peer between the translation and the original, specific literary text can be translated the ideal final version or standard translation. The same time, the author center or text-centered research methods are rarely involved in the dynamic role of the translator. Accept the emergence of the theory marks the theory of literary criticism by the weight of the heavy work to re-text - reader relationship changes. The theoretical point of view the main reference the Constance School two main representatives Hans Robert Jauss and Wolfgang Iser and two previous Gadamer and Ingarden academic thinking. Specifically, this paper, the use of Jauss's \comparative analysis of the translation), focused on the analysis on the basis of the original and the translation, as well as three translations differences in translation from the point of view, to explore acceptance of the translators in translation and interpretation activities, the translator and the creation and acceptance of the main relations and other issues, and to try to to Elucidating theory of Retranslating exists under and retranslate inevitability. According to the accepted theoretical point of view, literary texts in the reading process before reality into the literary work, the potential significance of the text is to be realized by the participation of the reader. In the translation process, the translator, in each before understanding or knowledge structure first, under the guidance, to be the same original interpretation. Each translator and efforts to realize the vision of integration among the original author, translator and the reader. However, due to the limitations of the various factors, the actual translation process, the three main horizons not fully integrated, therefore, retranslation phenomenon inevitable. In addition, literature contains two parts of the uncertainty and indeterminacy. On the one hand, the uncertainty guide the reader's reading and interpretation, on the other hand, undetermined and creativity to guide the reader in the reading process. Therefore, every translator, under the guidance of the subjectivity of the original blank or qualitative will make different specific. So, there will be different interpretations for the same original. And other literary works, performances as drama play in two parts by the uncertainty and indeterminacy. In order to achieve the original script, the director and / or actor, target audience and the audience as well as the translator between the vision fusion, translators need to find out the uncertainty in the original part and try to make similar expression in the translation. Undetermined part of the original translator use imagination, creativity and skills, in short, that the subjectivity of the translator to pry, to make it concrete. Undetermined may hinder real-time audience response, the translator in the translation or delete or fill, and try to make the target language audience can get a similar response with the original primitive audience. Therefore, the the script Retranslating phenomenon as inevitable. In summary, we conclude that the use of accepted theory on the basis of theoretical discussion and comparative analysis of the Pygmalion translation retranslating phenomenon: retranslating phenomenon can be used not only accepted theory to explain and retranslating phenomenon must occur through the retranslation of activities can improve translation quality. However, any translation, even if it is a re-translation of all there is room for improvement, in other words, not a translation can be called the last final version.

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