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The Research on Left-behind Children’s Academic Achievement、Self-esteem and Personality under Father Absence

Author ChenXiaoPing
Tutor ZhangHaiZhong
School Northwest Normal University
Course Applied Psychology
Keywords Father Absence Children Left Behind School Achievement Self-respect Personality
CLC B844.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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With the accelerating process of China's modernization, the rural surplus labor force began a large-scale transfer to the city, because of economic reasons, the inability of many people to send their children to the city to form a left-behind children groups, revealed for the children left behind this groups exist, but these studies focused both parents have to go out to the children left behind, ignored a single parent to go out, especially the children left behind is the father to go out, and the latter is precisely the subject of children left behind in China, with the further development of the economy, will there will be more and more male migrant workers, the children of these families are not or rarely get the love of his father, a father Absence. Father Absence their psychological development as an urgent problem, but our research in this area has not yet started, no more learn conclusions. Therefore the father of migrant children left behind as the research object to explore his father, the children left behind on the analysis of the father's letters, diaries and other migrant children left behind personality, self-esteem through self questionnaire, the Self-Esteem Scale Personality Questionnaire and the impact of the School Achievement. The results are as follows: (1) the father bear the important role of education in promoting children's school performance, self-esteem and personality development. (2) Father Absence For the children left behind Strdents'Achievement is complex, but in general a negative impact than a positive impact. (3) father missing self-esteem on the achievements of the children left behind some impact, achievement of a complete family of children self-esteem was significantly higher than that of Father Absence children left behind. (4) assessed by teachers, the academic performance of children's overall self-esteem and self-esteem of each dimension difference was not significant, good or bad for their own learning experience of the children left behind have a certain impact on the overall self-esteem of the children left behind. (5) in terms of personality, the father missing, there is a certain degree of personality of children left behind, compared with the complete family of non-left-behind children, children left behind more performance out of the cold, lonely, calm and reticent, cautious behavior, uneasy about the depression depressed. Compared with the complete family of girls missing father left behind girls showed cautious and think the problem is more thoughtful, more mature features. Compared with the complete family of boys left behind boys, the father of missing more performance out of indifference, loneliness, not the group. (6) on the relationship between academic performance, academic experience and personality, academic performance has been assessed for poor children left behind showed more anxiety and lack of confidence in the academic experience, academic experience of children left behind showed stronger emotional stability, social consciousness maturity, and do things seriously, learning more hard work and academic experience negative group of children left behind more performance out of emotional irritability, easy distress, anxiety and other personality characteristics. (7) on the relationship of personality and self-esteem, the more emotional stability, and face the reality, mature social consciousness, able to cope with the practical problems calmly, and seriously, more mature social value in learning seriously hard and courageously communicative self-control, reasonable control over their behavior and feelings, the more general self-esteem is high; more too cautious, individualism, business acumen, anxiety troubles since disturbance, irritability, depression, depressed, anxiety, people lack of confidence on the matter, the lower the overall self-esteem. (8) As can be seen from the relationship between school performance, self-esteem and personality, which among mutual influence and mutual restriction. Good academic performance, a good academic experience, to promote children's well-personality. Good personality, but also improve the the father missing self-esteem of the children left behind. In turn, higher self-esteem, a good personality is favorable guarantee to achieve good academic results and contributing factor.

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