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Design and Implementation of Processor TI DSP VC33 Virtual Kernel

Author WangHao
Tutor WuXiangHu;RenYongQing
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course Software Engineering
Keywords Digital signal processing Virtual kernel Pipeline Aerospace Processor
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Digital signal processing (DSP) is an application to many fields of modern science and technology, which in modern society has developed rapidly and widely. This technology has been adopted in many areas at present. For example, aerospace industry, communications, medical equipment and military are using this technology. The studies on DSP kernel is more widely at present. It could improve the development efficiency of embedded software and reduce the time. It also could add various peripherals according to the needs of users. DSP kernel also has fault infuse function. It could improve the safety. So it has important implications on DSP kernel research. For a number of important areas such as aerospace and military applications, it has strict requirement in safty. We should develop DSP kernel for our space industry and military power.We should do make hardware virtualization in our aerospace industry based on the above issues. We should improve security and the application process more flexible. So this project is proposed by Beijing aerospace automatic control institute. The project is researched and developed by Beijing shenzhou aerospace software technology Co., LTD embedded products division. The development platform is VS2008 with C language.This paper in order to make full use of digital simulation technology for improving to TI DSP VC33 for the target environment embedded software development efficiency and shorten the development cycle. Effective control software development risk palying a positive role in promoting etc. In order to solve the rapid development and software model vadidation it provides effective solution. In this context , we decided to develop TI DSP VC33 virtual kernel. VC33 virtual kernel is a highly efficient and cycle level simulation of the simulator. Virtual kernel and actual processor have the same architecture. Virtual machine can simulate instructions and internal and external equipment. Through computer sumulation software in the host target machine instruction set, support for embedded software system operation and test the work.We design and implement the kernel, coverage statistics, memory, DMA, documents analytic loading and timer based on customer needs. We have completed the TI DSP VC33 virtual machine system design and implementation. The core part in kernel function is pipeline. All the instructions on DSP are executed in the pipeline. This system simulate TI company DSP. VC33 virtual machine realized the virtualization hardware platform. It guarantees the virtual kernel realizing all the operation of the hardware. It consistents with hardware timing. It ensures that it is the same as the hardware with each clock cycle, general-purpose registers, control registers and storage.

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