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The Volume and the Surface Area of a Ellipsoidal CAP

Author HouLinBo
Tutor ZhouJiaZu
School Guizhou Normal
Course Computational Mathematics
Keywords ellipsoidal cap spheral cap area formula volume formula sphere
CLC O123.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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In this thesis we wish to solve two problems.First we will obtain the volume and the surface area of a ellipsoidal cap.The standard equation of n+1-axis ellipsoid in n+1-dimensions Euclidean spaceEn+1is where ai>0,i=1,2,...,n+1.n≥1.Let xi,(i=1,2,...,n+1)be equal to h(h∈[0,ai])on xi-axis,xi=h is a hyperplane and is a vertical plane of xi-axis.Since the part of ellipsoidal surface between hyperplane xi=h and xi=ai is said to be the ellipsoidal cap of n+1-axis ellipsoid.Furthermore we will obtain the volume formula of the ellipsoidal cap during hyperplane x1=a1 and x1=h.Consider ellipsoidal cap of n+1-axis ellip-soid x12/a12 + x22/a22 +...+ xn+12/an+12≤1 in En+1,the part between hyperplane x1=a1 and x1=h,(h∈[0,a1])is called ellipsoid cap.Let Vn+1(cap)be the volume of the ellipsoid cap.We obtain the volume formula of the ellipsoidal cap where n≥1, I0=π/2-arcsinh/ai, I1=1-h/a1 Vn+1=Vol(sum from i=1 to n+1(xi/ai2≤1)is the volume of n+1-axis ellipsoid V0(cap)=1,and V1(cap)=a1-h,Γ(.)is the Gamma function. In the third part we get the expression of the surface area of ellipsoid sum from i=1 to n+1 xi2/ai2= 1.Let the standard equation of n+1-axis ellipsoid in n+1-dimensions Eu-clidean space be then the area formula of ellipsoidal surface is where

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