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Research on Optical Properties of Micro-ring Resonator Based on Surface Plasmon Polaritons

Author ZhaoGuangYue
Tutor CaiXiangBao
School Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Course Optical Engineering
Keywords FDTD method Surface plasmon Ring resonator Wavelength Division Multiplexing
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Near-field aggregation surface plasmon enhanced transmission , the prominent features of the ultra - high-resolution imaging using surface plasmon developed photonic devices has obvious advantages in miniaturization . In recent years, for the study of surface plasmon become a new hot spot in the optical waveguide devices , super-resolution imaging , biosensors , and other related areas . In this paper, the special nature of the surface plasmon , an elliptical orbit the resonant ring wavelength division multiplexing devices by increasing the long straight waveguide coupled ring resonators improved dual-channel , reached to increase the coupling efficiency , and enhance the effect of the partial wave purposes. The paper focuses on the model device coupling length , coupling spacing ring waveguide radius of the device coupling effect . Through analysis, the coupling length is longer , the greater the effective range between the waveguides , the higher the coupling efficiency of the waveguide ; ring path length difference of the ring resonator device changes with the change of the coupling length , the coupling wavelength change . The study showed that the annular waveguide radius change will similarly affect device ring away poor, thereby causing a cyclical change of the coupling wavelength ; annular waveguide larger the radius , the lower the peak of the absorption peak , the absorption peak of the spacing ( free spectral range ) becomes small. Analyzed for the choice of the coupling gap spacing in 25-35nm better , too large , serious loss , will increase the non - resonant light transmittance . Comparative coupling the impact of the length of the resonance wavelength , analyzed , relying on the change in the length of coupling to achieve the control of the resonance wavelength is superior to achieve the control of the resonance wavelength by changing the radius of the circular waveguide , which also embodies the advantages of the model proposed herein . Finally, the paper discusses the coupling length of 1.2 microns , coupled to 25 nm spacing ring waveguide radius of 1.0 micron , sub - wave effect of the the MDM resonant ring , its free spectral range of about 50nm ,-3dB bandwidth of about 6nm output port the insertion loss of less than 1.5dB.

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