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The Expression and Clinical Significance of Survivin and PTEN in Renal Clear Cell Carcinoma

Author GaoZuoZuo
Tutor WuBin
School China Medical University
Course Surgery
Keywords Renal clear cell carcinoma Survivin PTEN Immunohistochemistry
CLC R737.11
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Introduction tumors of the genitourinary system, the incidence of kidney tumors after bladder tumor, accounting for 0.4% to 3% of the systemic tumor. Renal cancer cell types mainly clear cell carcinoma (RCCC), granular cell carcinoma, and undifferentiated carcinoma, the RCCC which accounted for 60% to 85%. Therefore, the study of the the RCCC related gene to investigate the pathogenesis and diagnostic criteria, treatment of kidney cancer has an extremely important significance. Survivin inhibitor of apoptosis protein family (inhibitor of apoptosis family of protein, IAPs) in a unique structure of the new members in 1997 by Yale University Altieri effector cell protease receptor -1 (effector cell protease receptor-1, EPR -1) cDNA is first separated in a hybridization screening of the human genomic library. Many studies suggest that, Survivin can cause tumor cell apoptosis in the loss, is closely related with the occurrence of tumors, and its expression is often with the degree of malignancy with poor prognosis were positively correlated. The PTEN gene is the first with a dual-specificity phosphatase activity of tumor suppressor gene discovered to date in 1997 by three research team discovered and named its wholly-phosphatase and tensin homology deleted onchromosome ten, \and auxiliary protein homology phosphatase gene of chromosome 10 is missing, it is not only exhibit the characteristics of the tumor suppressor gene, but also has a phosphatase activity in the regulation of cell proliferation and death, cell migration and adhesion, etc. from an important role. Some studies have shown that the PTEN gene in an important role in the process of tumor formation, tumor growth and development are closely related. As a new tumor suppressor gene PTEN gene, the regulation of cell growth and apoptosis, tumor cell infiltration, transfer and assembly of cytoskeletal proteins, plays an important role in signal transduction of cells and other biological processes. PTEN and Survivin in the RCCC relationship between the expression of both to provide a theoretical basis for the study of the pathogenesis and diagnosis of RCCC, and explore its significance in the prognosis of RCCC. The aim of the present study was to detect the RCCC Survivin and PTEN expression, evaluation of the relationship between development and RCCC patients with clinical pathological factors Survivin and PTEN occur in RCCC, want to be able to help to reveal the progress of Survivin and PTEN in RCCC in effect, helping to provide a theoretical basis for clinical prevention and control of the occurrence and development of RCCC and prognosis. Materials and methods, materials taken from 2005 to 2006, China Medical University Shengjing Hospital of surgical resection and paraffin-embedded specimens after the pathological diagnosis of 89 cases of RCCC organization. 2, the method using standard immunohistochemical staining (SP) methods: the paraffin specimens conventional dewaxing, slice, hydration and tissue antigens repair, specific antibodies were incubated with rabbit anti-human PTEN-specific antibody, rabbit anti-human Survivin streptavidin the avidin - peroxide and catalase connection method (SP) kit staining, DAB color PTEN, Survivin expression was detected. 3, the correlation analysis using SPSS13.0 statistical software for data processing, analysis of Survivin and PTEN in the relationship between the RCCC expression and clinicopathological factors. Results Survivin staining mostly located in the cytoplasm, partially located in the nucleus, cell membrane without expression. The RCCC in 89 cases, the Survivin positive expression in 59 cases (66.3%); 10 patients with normal renal tissues and 18 cases of adjacent tissues, Survivin no positive expression, the difference was significant (P <0.01). The PTEN staining mostly located in the cytoplasm, and very few located in the cell membrane, nucleus no expression. RCCC in the 89 cases, PTEN-positive expression in 40 cases (44.9%); 10 patients with normal renal tissues and 18 cases of cancer tissue, PTEN positive expression positive rates were 100% and 88.9%, significantly higher than the RCCC organization, the difference has a significant (P <0.01). Survivin and PTEN expression was associated with age (P> 0.05), gender (P> 0.05) and tumor size (P> 0.05) was not significantly related. And clinical stage. PTEN expression in stage Ⅰ ~ Ⅱ RCCC significantly higher than Ⅲ ~ Ⅳ stage (P <0.01), the expression in the tissue without lymph node metastasis was significantly higher than that of lymph node metastasis tissue (P <0.01); of Survivin in Ⅰ ~ Ⅱ RCCC expression was significantly lower than Ⅲ ~ Ⅳ stage (P <0.05), the expression of tissue without lymph node metastasis was significantly lower than the organization of lymph node metastasis (P <0.05). RCCC Survivin and PTEN expression was negatively correlated (r = -0.689, P = 0.000). Conclusion 1, the abnormal expression of Survivin in RCCC occurrence and development is closely related to its high expression of the degree of malignancy of the RCCC is closely related to, Survivin may be an important molecular indicators affecting the prognosis of RCCC. Reduced PTEN expression RCCC degree of differentiation, clinical stage and metastasis is closely related to, suggesting that the tumor suppressor gene PTEN may occur in RCCC's development in play an important role. Its protein detection can be used as an objective determination RCCC invasion and metastasis indicators. RCCC of Survivin and PTEN protein expression was negatively related to both the expression of the disorder may be one of the RCCC mechanism development occurs.

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