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The Lost Was Not at a Loss

Author ZhangZuoZuo
Tutor GuoHaiYun
School Beijing Jiaotong University
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords Lost Generation Iceberg Theory Pressure elegance Theme Structure Unified
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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The \Hemingway's \Subsequently, the term spread, and soon became synonymous with the postwar group of American writers. \The war has not only ruined their bodies, and also destroyed their old value system, they find new values ??in pain as a support. They indulge in bars, Bullring, their alcoholism, aimless wandering. Apparently, they are a group of disillusioned, full of perplexity emotional person. Is the reality of the \Their suffering never gave up, confused but not lost, they maintain grace under tremendous pressure, tenacious fighting on the battlefield of life, even if doomed to fail and never give up. Hemingway this work is also to get rid of the \This article aims to conduct a thorough analysis and extraction of the applications iceberg theory and structure theory of \The article first introduces the author Ernest Hemingway and the historical background of the novel, and to lay the foundation for understanding novel, followed by a detailed, objective and carried out a complete analysis of the text of the novel, so that readers have a comprehensive and specific understanding of the brief and the plot of the novel, as come to a final conclusion a lot of foreshadowing. The last part is certainly use part of this article, derived through the use of an iceberg theory and structure analysis of the central idea of ??the novel, and sublimation to the era of the height, concluded: Hemingway is not through \elegance under the kind of pressure, pain, self-control and the constant pursuit. We can also see Hemingway's \Their pursuit is noble, their achievement is magnificent, and they even created a second Renaissance. \Re-recognize them at the same time, we need to be trained in an objective and calm attitude, scientific method of analysis, in-depth nature to look at the problem, but also to learn the immortal ideas and great achievements of the \

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