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Struggle for Survival

Author CaoZuoZuo
Tutor ZuoZuo
School Shandong Normal University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords The Color Purple Womanism The growth of the black women
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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African-American black woman writer Alice Walker has had a profound influence on the development of the contemporary female literature. She has been committed to explore and create new literary image. Contemporary black women writers, such as Toni Morrison, made her literary echoes through the shaping of the living conditions of ordinary black women. Walker's work on issues such as race, gender, class, made further elaboration. They have all have a common goal: to shape the encounter, and they are looking for a new way of life in double oppression of black women. Walker works of the world-famous, \The novel won the 1983 Pulitzer Prize for Literature, the National Book Award and the National Book Critics Association Award three awards. Tao Jie, a famous Chinese scholar, wrote on the title page of \the problem is a masterpiece of African-American literature and women's literature in recent years. \. In 1983, Alice Walker created \From the the womanism definition, we can see that the essential quality of a womanist: love black people, particularly black women; natural beauties; cherished Ethiopian tradition; struggle for their dignity and happiness. From above can be introduced womanism has three features: anti-ethnic, anti-gender Afracentrism. By analysis of the three characteristics of women ', depicting the protagonist, Xili, the growth process is divided into three chapters: the first focuses on Xili anti-racial consciousness. Her anti-racial consciousness manifested in three main areas: the Xili Sofia is playing events attitude;'s attitude of the Xili their stepfather; Xili God's attitude. When Sofia was beaten and imprisoned, Xili this event reflects the implied her sympathy Sofia, as well as the anger of whites. It is white and the existence of racism, Sofia was forced imprisonment. Xili's stepfather, a death sentence for their father to the persecution of other blacks, whites lackeys, the scum of the blacks. Throughout, the Xili all its stepfather filled with feelings of contempt. At the same time, she changes the attitude of God also reflects Xili of racial consciousness, God in Xili mind has been tall and large Caucasian image appears, but help in Shage Xili come to realize that God is neither white nor black people, but on behalf of all things. The second chapter analyzes Qianli against gender consciousness. A special way in the Qianli the letter, her call the male image, she called her husband Mr. Blank, instead address him 名艾尔伯特; called her stepfather \referred to as the father, and so on. This strange male image naming reflects Xili male dissatisfaction and resentment. The second part of this chapter focuses on writing Xili Color Purple pursuit, at the beginning of the novel, Xili dare to pursue their own favorite color - purple, However, as she matured, she began Color Purple pursuit, which she began to break the yoke of the men to pursue their new life. The entire novel by a combination of letters. This epistolary form Xili self-expression and provides a lot of space. Almost all the Xili wrote God behind the letter is not signed, and the name is a sign, do not sign their names to reflect the the Xili status of underground and self-denial. She was just as men's accessories. However, the last in her letter to the pedicle resistant, she signed his name \Xili confident with the language regain all depends on the help of the image of women in the novel, especially Shage. The Chapter focuses Xili cherish the traditional culture of the blacks. The hero Xili letters Ethiopian proverb written made. This is not because Xili not understand standard English, from the novel, we can see that the Xili and resistance pedicle learning at the school for many years, so she must understand and use standard English. She expressed her respect for traditional African blacks saying the use. Manual labor is a traditional African cultural heritage, through the quilt and do pants manifested in this novel. By sewing a quilt, Xili novel image of women established a profound friendship, and they help her to become a real woman. Pants, Xili have one of their own company, to become an independent, confident women. By this analysis, Alice Walker pointed out that the road to the liberation of a black women: do struggle with male domination and racism; solidarity and mutual support among black women; maintenance of traditional cultural heritage of blacks. Black women are the most urgent thing to do is to recognize the value of their own existence, to maintain the independence and integrity of the spiritual, economic and awareness to rid itself of male control.

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