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The Study of Psychological Interaction Through Internet Communication

Author CaoNa
Tutor GaoFengQiang
School Shandong Normal University
Course Basic Psychology
Keywords Spread Blog Network psychological interaction Postmodern Psychology
CLC B849
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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From modern to post-modern, industrial society to industrial society turnover, the most significant sign of the rapid development of computer information technology. In addition to the function of the press, radio, television and other traditional media, the Internet is a real-time, interactive, cross-border, cross-cultural communication features, especially the blog this since the emergence of the media, is an unprecedented popular discourse right liberation: Everyone can do edit, publish their own articles to tell their own stories; publishing their own books to spread their philosophy; publish their own image, to publicize their personality. The blog not only brings another virtual lifestyle, but also a direct impact on the way people communicate and exchange ways to broaden the channels of interpersonal communication, triggering the adjustment of social relations, but also spawned a new culture network. Communication studies, sociology and cultural studies from their own disciplinary perspective blog: blog reflects the rise of grassroots culture and mass culture, follow the modern way of thinking and cultural trends \abide by the \, Especially from a psychological perspective of post-modern psychology dialysis blog, it will show how the picture? Blog network propagation was born in the post-modern cultural space is bound to have a post-modern culture, temperament, and thus natural carrying the spirit of post-modern culture. reflect the new features of the postmodern cultural interaction, diversity, ambiguity, autonomy, individuality: from rational to emotional; from the elite to the general public; value from one to a pluralistic aspirations; herd the Hubbub meditation meditation; from the truth and the nature of desire to safeguard the ideals, values ??and meaning. Express themselves through writing, the blog of a group of independent-minded communicators has its own very distinct behavior and psychological characteristics. By Sina blog case analysis, found that people in the blog often play different from the reality of the role. If the blog is just beyond the real world of the individual provisions, then it is not worth our cheering. Thinking from the cultural level, the blog significance to human survival is not the material wealth of value-added and survive environmental changes is important is that it provides a more user-friendly space. During which the innermost layer of the stuff is new cultural and psychological state, including the blog of expectations and beliefs shape their vision of society, condensed out of the appropriate mode of conduct and norms. Play these roles, the blog meet the emotional needs of the individual need to ease the pressure, self-integration needs, cognitive needs and the need to belong. A variety of role-playing also profoundly affect the individual's self or personality construct: contribute to the achievement of true self and meet their subconscious needs; modern self retreat, socially constructed self; achievements postmodern \The blog tell their own stories, achievements spontaneous simple narrative; the blog peer networks psychological interaction accelerate the socialization of young people. The blog space is a multicultural, the value of multi-dimensional, filled with a variety of heterogeneous factors, the world is full of paradox and tension: its virtual characteristics not only gives a creative and produce false; open feature not only gives a broad freedom, but also bring out-of-law anomie; interactive features both to bring cultural communication, exacerbated by the cultural invasion. Blog like Rose, also stabbed to those close to it exudes the fragrance at the same time to show its charm, the hidden bush: on the one hand, the blog record and demonstrate self-personality, on the other hand, self-consciousness caused public awareness collapse; the one hand, the blog network psychological interaction accelerated the contemporary adolescent social process, on the other hand the conflict of of traditional Slim culture and online entertainment indulgence; the one hand, the blog is conducive to the establishment of orderly network culture, on the other hand China's traditional culture suffered the impact of foreign multicultural;

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