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Research of Fuzzy and PID Dynamic Switching Control Algorithm

Author QiLin
Tutor LiuZe
School Beijing Jiaotong University
Course Traffic Information Engineering \u0026 Control
Keywords PID control Fuzzy Control Fuzzy PID switching control
CLC U270.35
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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PID control technology with its simple structure , stable and reliable , easy to implement , and mature theoretical system , has been an extremely wide range of applications in practical engineering . It can eliminate the steady state error , but the the irreconcilable contradictions relationship between fast and overshoot , poor ability to adapt to changes in the controlled object parameters makes this algorithm to a certain extent is difficult to meet the high standards technical requirements. Fuzzy control to ensure that the system to respond quickly while maintaining a small overshoot , and strong ability to adapt accused parameter variations , but unavoidable in the control process , there is a steady-state error . The paper from the point of view of engineering applications , the characteristics of each of the two control algorithms , both organically combined , complementary advantages , proposed a fuzzy PID dynamic switching control algorithm . The main research work are as follows : 1 principle and characteristics of PID control and fuzzy control algorithm to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the two control methods , and to explore the importance of a fusion of two algorithms advantages of the new algorithm . 2 , in order to reduce the computational complexity of the control algorithm is easy to achieve in embedded systems , mature PID algorithm and fuzzy control algorithm based design of a new dynamic switching fuzzy PID control algorithm to improve the control system on the charged object parameter change adaptation . 3 , combined with the train brake control system dynamic switching of fuzzy PID control algorithm simulation , analyze and validate the feasibility of the algorithm . Train brake control system using the classic PID control , pure fuzzy control and adaptive fuzzy PID control , the effect of their control using fuzzy PID dynamic switching control effect compared verify Fuzzy PID control quality ; dynamic switching fuzzy PID control algorithm of the charged object parameter variations and external interference adaptability simulation and analysis to validate the algorithm such charged object parameter change system for train braking system adaptability . 4 , according to the dynamic switching of fuzzy PID control algorithm , a train braking microcontroller - based test system , and will be described in detail the working principle of the test system , the hardware system and software design processes .

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