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Unified Telecom Provisioning Interface-CAI3G, Design and Implementation

Author ShenXueFeng
Tutor JiangLingGe;LiXueJun
School Shanghai Jiaotong University
Course Electronics and Communication Engineering
Keywords Template Service CAI3G Business XML
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Telecom operators and service providers are now in development and provide more and more telecom services. Tend to be concentrated in the inside of a telecommunications network operators, products, and services from various telecom providers, hardware and software platform they use are diversified. Such inconsistencies led directly to the telecommunications network had to save a great deal of information about the system network element, the user, as well as related services, and the system network elements used to provide a particular service often with its unique system interfaces and data template. In order to be able to manage these diverse network elements, operators have to spend a lot of manpower and resources to follow up these changes on the network element, such as Interface Specification, version and a new version of a large number of test to ensure that the system is functioning properly. Fairly short life cycle of certain services, these inputs are often not worth the candle. Therefore, the research and development of a common service management interface and define a versatile interface template will become quite meaningful. Not just interface information, operators of the service management system also usually holds a large amount of application data, such as billing, it is also similar to the above problem. When the network, a service or a user's information changes, the management system must be updated accordingly. Want to be able to have a unified interface management system application to provide data to facilitate data integration. The new service has brought tens of thousands of end-users, the need to reduce the cost of user and service management are also increasingly significant. It also makes the automated service to achieve the end-user customization becomes possible. So, how different application data through a simple and unified interface for unified operation become very subject worthy of study. This article will study some of the problems of the current user management system to do, then of the the Ericsson proposed generic business management program This program inside the core user management interface must have features, further analysis of the early users management interface CAI (Customer Administration Interface) the existence of the defect, at the same time to do a bit of research and analysis of some popular network technology. On the basis of these studies, the definition of a new user service user management system applies Ericsson provides interfaces. And new interface named CAI3G (Customer Administration Interface 3rd Generation). Work out the interface specification based on further concrete implementation of the interface. Using some very popular network specifications and technical, such as SOAP and WSDL, and the use of a powerful XML document structure as its message carrier, so that it has great flexibility in terms of data characterization. As a result of a very advanced and flexible technology, the short term to achieve a set of simulation testing software, greatly shorten the software development cycle, and successfully extended to commercial. , CAI3G interface has become an important part of the Ericsson public service delivery programs inside, is widely used in the business management system which many of the world's telecommunications operators. Practice has proved that this interface has follows some advantages: the ability to deal with network elements and applications-specific interfaces and data template to be able to handle the new service and without changes to the existing interface is easy to integrate with the operator's management system to achieve a simple uniform end-user service provides an interface

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