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To parse U.S. trade policy decision-making system

Author YangWeiNa
Tutor XuMingQi
School Shanghai Institute of International Studies
Course International political
Keywords United States Trade policy decision-making system Analytic Hierarchy Process Interest groups
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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China's economic integration into the globalization process, the importance of international trade on the national economy will continue to improve. Current U.S. and China trade up to one of the countries, logical, and is also one of the largest trade disputes with China. In recent years, the U.S. trade and fiscal deficits remain high, since last year, the debt crisis has directly led to the decline of the U.S. economy, this already is the target of public criticism of Sino-US trade issues, the future is more likely to become the target of the attack of the American domestic protectionism, which adds to the importance of the two sides understand each other. Of course, China is concerned, we have only to understand the trade policy of the United States, in order to know ourselves better cope with. This paper first discusses role in U.S. trade policy decision-making system, a variety of factors, namely the operational environment of the trade policy decision-making and the need to deal with a variety of variables. In this section, we use the Analytic Hierarchy Process in International Political Economy, a variety skein factors generally attributed to the system - national, three of the countries - bureaucracy (the country), the bureaucracy - the individual \a level to discuss. In discussing the impact of trade policy decision-making at all levels of variables, namely the role of U.S. trade policy decision-making system factors, the article the main part of the detailed description of the decision-making system of the U.S. trade analysis, discussion of the major actors in the United States trade policy decision-making system as well as the impact of various how trade policy variables acting on different subjects in the power system in order to influence trade policy. Evolution of the articles on the important subject of the decision-making system, the Congress, the government, interest groups, and this system of internal system arrangements in the United States after World War II time frame of the trade were discussed in detail. Then analyzed to draw conclusions. Trade issues by a variety of domestic and international factors, these effects variables acting on the system design complex decision-making system of trade policy, the U.S. trade policy. U.S. trade policy decision-making system reflects the design features of the American constitutional tradition of checks and balances system. The main actors in the trade policy decision-making system, including the Congress, the President, the State Council, the Ministry of Commerce, the U.S. Trade Representative, the International Trade Commission, interest groups. U.S. trade policy in the political process in this system. Finally, we point out some of the revelation of China's handling of Sino-US trade friction as well as the overall Sino-US economic and trade relations. U.S. trade politics can help the government and enterprises to take the right decisions to deal with in the process of dealing with trade disputes. Damage enterprises protectionist demands Congress issued threats of course, should be treated differently, often duplicity of the members of Congress for political pressure, the administrative institutions of the contradiction between the House and Senate, the political disputes of the hospital, led by President and Congress The conflict so on should be treated differently, rather than Qunqiergong. Judgment which requires government action, and which is more suitable for the involvement of non-government organizations, and which need their own efforts or judicial response should be to understand why trade disputes and grasp the political process. Because as long as the appropriate strategy, and often more effective.

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