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Perception of touch on consumer purchase behavior : Theoretical exploration and empirical research

Author DaiWeiQing
Tutor HanJiDong
School Renmin University of China
Course Marketing Management
Keywords Contact Requirements Perception of access to information Perception contact with contaminated Disgust Product Rating Purchase intent
CLC F713.50
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Studies have shown that consumers can get more contact with the product information about the product, thereby increasing consumer confidence in the product, thus contributing to product evaluation (McCabe and Nowlis 2003; Peck and Childers 2003b; Peck, Childers 2003a). However, studies have shown that when consumers perceive the product is a piece of contact with other consumers, the consumers of the product evaluation and purchase intention will be reduced (Jennifer J. Argo, Darren W. Dahl, Andrea C. Morales 2006) . This article is in this case, the combination of two product contact areas on different theories to clothing, for example, a comprehensive study of the product contact for consumer behavior. This paper is divided into about a few main parts: The first chapter is the introduction. This part of the main contents are: research background, purpose, meaning, etc. The second chapter is literature review. First reviewed the original concept of the contact, active engagement and passive exposure, in combination with the purpose of this study, leads to the literature on product evaluation. Finally, because this is an example of clothing, so the impact on the quality of textiles related theories drawn together. The third chapter is to study the structure and assumptions. According to previous studies, empirical research on the selection of objects, the definition of the concept of this study, research hypotheses, questionnaire design, sample selection and analytical methods are described. Chapter IV is data analysis. First, according to analysis of data collected reliability and validity, and then use LISREL software for data model analysis, the conclusion that the model conclusions. Chapter V is the conclusion of the study and the significance of the model based on the analysis, draw conclusions of this study and significance. Through the above analysis, the article obtained six relationships between variables, ie, the greater the demand of consumer contacts, access to the contact information of the perception of the more; perception of consumers more access to information, for product evaluation will be higher; consumers if they have contact with contaminated perception, then their product evaluation and purchase intention will be reduced; consumer's perception of the degree of pollution exposure is higher, consumers will be more intense disgust; consumer's perception of touch The more information contact with his perception of the degree of pollution will be higher. For consumer products contact theory research, you can let us know by contact consumers for mental processes that occur in actual use can also refer to the retailer offers many suggestions: one, in addition to product samples, try the product on the consumers are not easily accessible to the place. So consumers do not think consumers will contact with other products. 2, after contact with the product in the consumer as soon as the product back in its original place. Because if consumers see a product does not neatly placed in its correct place, consumers can easily believe that long ago, someone contacted the product, leading to a bad evaluation of the product. 3, to reduce any product label or logo to get wrinkles possibilities. Because if a product label folded, very easy to make contact with consumers perceive pollution. 4, product packaging is not only to protect the objective product quality, but also can reduce the occurrence of contamination consumers perceive exposure, therefore, retailers should try to make the product in the package, and studies have shown that the packaging is opaque sensing helps to reduce exposure generation of pollution. Some may doubt, opaque packaging back to hinder consumers see the product, but here refers to a sample in the case, try to wrap up the product, and is opaque packaging.

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