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Research on Regional Economic Disparity and Harmonious Development of Hebei Province

Author ZhenJianGang
Tutor WangJianZhong;WangWuXiang
School Agricultural University of Hebei
Course Industrial Economics
Keywords Regional economic disparities Coordinated development Line, two sides Principal Component Analysis
CLC F127
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Regional economic differences in production conditions of each region, a comprehensive reflection of the economic base, the level of economic development and government regional policy and other factors, but also an important reference for the government to develop the region's economic development strategy. Hebei Province is located in the eastern coastal economic development since the reform and opening up has made great achievements, but still a big gap compared with other provinces in the eastern part of the province within the uneven development, facing in the development of \\Therefore, the study of regional economic disparities in Hebei Province has important practical significance for the promotion of economic and social development in Hebei Province, the construction of coastal economic and social development province. The study is divided into six parts. The first part is the introduction section first describes the research background, significance and research status, and then summarizes the content of this study and research ideas, and describes the research framework and innovation; second part of the regional economic disparities theoretical overview, first to define the concept of regional economic disparities, then generalization and a brief review of the theory of regional economic disparities; The third part is the empirical part, first by calculating the per capita GDP of a single indicator, the overall regional economic disparities in Hebei Province to evaluate the situation and found that the absolute and relative differences in the expanding; Then, by decomposition the Theil index Hebei regional economic disparities decomposition interval differences and differences in the region, the \major contributor of Hebei Province, the regional economic disparities; Finally, in order to compensate for the limitations of single indicators, by constructing a comprehensive index system, reveals the regional economic disparities in Hebei Province, more in-depth analysis of the the Hebei Province difference and regional differences between the status quo and characteristics; Part IV on the basis of a comprehensive analysis of regional economic disparities in Hebei Province, from the natural and geographical factors, industry structure factors, policy factors, human capital factors such as the formation of the regional economic disparities in Hebei Province, more in-depth analysis; The fifth part of the first evaluation of regional economic disparities, and then ease the regional economic disparities in Hebei Province, Hebei Province regional economic disparities widening to achieve coordinated economic development ideas and suggestions. The sixth part of the conclusions and the papers to be solved. Regional economic disparities are inevitable phenomenon in the process of economic development, regional economic disparities excessive disparity inevitably will hinder the process of marketization of the economy, exacerbating regional conflicts. Coordinated regional development as a way to address regional economic disparities, the solution to the current social conflicts, an important measure to achieve social harmony. Therefore, Hebei should adhere to the road of coordinated regional development, achieve sound and rapid development.

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