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The Ecological Function Regionalization of the North of Zhejiang Province

Author HuaGuiFang
Tutor ZhangFang
School Zhejiang University
Course Pomology
Keywords Nanxun district ecological function regionalization ecological sensitivity ecological function ecological environment
CLC X321
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Ecological function regionalization is a kind of geographic spatial division,which is based on the characteristic of ecosystem and the distribution of ecosystem stress and effect,ecological sensitivity and ecological service importance.The target of ecological function regionalization' dissertation">ecological function regionalization is to distinguish the regional ecological problems and ecological fragile areas,determine the prior protection ecosystems and regions,and to supply scientific basis for regional ecological protection,region-based ecosystem management and sustainable development.These years,the civil-economy of Nanxun District keeps on developing fastly and harmoniously,the integrated strength tones up,but in the process of development,there exists some problems:the industrial arrangement is too low,the manner of economic increasing hasn’t changed rootly,the ability of creativity is poor;the stress to ecosystem that brought by the increase of population and economic is heavy,the quality of ecosystem is declining,the using intensity of infield is great,the resource of infield is short and the ecological function of infield falls off;the deterioration of ecological environment results in the decline of life-form varieties,the dieing trend of rarity species is evidently.So,designing a reasonable ecological function regionalization for Nanxun District,promoting the harmonious development of society and environment is a important and urgent task in a long period from now on.1.the ecological sensitivity of Nanxun DistrictAccording to the characteristic of ecosystem,choose the types of rock,types of soil, vegetation and ground utilization,moisture profit and loss as guide lines to evaluate the ecological sensitivity.We can compartmentalize the ecological sensitivity in five grades: very sensitive,sensitive,normal sensitive,a little sensitive and general diatrict.The area of very sensitive district is 0.35%,mainly the west and south area of Qianjin Town,the southwest area of Shanlian Town;the area of normal sensitive district is 0.60%,mainly the south area of Linghu Town,the west,south and east area of Qianjin town,south area of Shanlian Town;the most largest area is a little sensitive district and the general district, separately about 21.65%and 77.40%.2.the importance of ecological function of Nanxun DistrictBased on the natural environment,ecosystem and the characteristic of economic development,we evaluate the importance of ecological function from the angle of water-resource protection,natural and cultural inheritance protection and ecological product supply.Evaluation results:the area of very important district is only 1.99%,separately in every town;the area of important district is 42.11%,focus in the east area,mainly in Nanxun Town,Lianshi Town,Shanlian Town and the northwest of Hefu Town;the area of normal impotant district is 26.39%,focus in the middle and west area,mainly including the most of Shuanglin Town,west of Nanxun Town,west of Jiuguan Town,west of Linghu Town and Northwest of Shanlian Town;the area of general district is 29.51%,focus in the most area of west and middle district,mainly including the east of Jiuguan Town,east and south of Hefu Town,most of Qianjin Town,most of ShicongTown,east and south of Linghu Town.Through the study of the characteristic of ecosystem,ecological sensiticity and ecological service importance of Nanxun District,according to the established guidelines, manner and system,the district ecological function regionalization was worked out.We divide Nanxun District into 35 ecological functional regions.Thereinto,7 admittance-forbidden regions,9 admittance-restricted regions,7 important admittance regions and 12 admittance-optimized regions.Through discussing the application of the regionalization to supply scientific reference for ecological function regionalization, ecological protection and construction.

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