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Design and Application on Electrical System of DC Over-head Line Mine Railway Maintenance Vehicle

Author LiuXinHui
Tutor ShiLin;LiChengHao
School Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course Electronics and Communication Engineering
Keywords Electric locomotive Electrical system VVVF PWM SA4828
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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Present stage mining transportation equipment most aircraft wire locomotives and battery locomotives, most of its electrical system DC drive technology, control the way backward, there is a serious safety hazard, and the high cost of transportation, has become further improve mineral production bottlenecks. In recent years, with the continuous development of power electronics technology, computer technology, automatic control technology, the the AC drive its traction, braking performance, and a wide range of application, technical indicators, security, economy, etc., traction motor vehicles in the area are widely used. The purpose of the research is that the introduction of the latest AC drive technology of mining electric cars in China electrical system to complete the task by the DC drive to AC drive conversion, so as to catch up with the developed countries in the level of traction electrical equipment industry. In this paper, a DC frame Line Mine motor vehicle electrical control systems, AC variable speed electric drive technology, the theoretical basis of pulse width modulation (PWM), IGBT power module as the switching element, composed of straight AC voltage type inverter, using a three-phase high-precision the PWM wave generator SA4828 microcontroller control circuit, DC reverse into a three-phase AC supply AC traction motor to drive the track maintenance locomotive. Highlights the electrical schematic and electrical traction mining electric vehicle control functions, clarify the idea of ??this kind of motor vehicle electrical system design, working principle, hardware structure, the calculation of the technical parameters, component selection, complete motor vehicle electrical control function of the circuit system design, and develop into actual production, running well this article mainly includes the following aspects: (1) theoretical analysis and calculation verification; (2) of the core components of the AC drive electric control principle - analysis, design and technical parameters of the calculated structure, the principle of the frequency converter, traction motor parameter calculation and selection of the work, as well as the analysis and calculation on the braking resistor; (3) electrical control system in the control loop, the electrical parts of the auxiliary circuit parameter calculation, analysis, etc.; (4) the principle of complete electrical control system design, functional analysis and component selection; (5) based on the design of electrical control complete the required test work, and bring the whole vehicle electrical control system run better reflected in the vehicle electrical control AC drive technology. The system by using frequency conversion technology, motor soft start, soft turn-off function, motor current harmonic distortion less voltage utilization have been greatly improved, with a simple control, less peripheral circuit, energy-saving obvious cost advantages, can fully meet the the AC traction inverter performance requirements, applicable to the mining industry, coal industry, non-ferrous metals industry and tunnel engineering industry, rail transportation and underground tunnel at the subway construction, the narrow gauge railway and other places transport traction.

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