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Study on Preparation and the Species Distribution of the Polysilicate Aluminum Ferric Flocculants

Author SongJia
Tutor XuPeiYao
School North China Electric Power University
Course Environmental Engineering
Keywords Poly silicon iron Polyaluminum silicate Poly aluminum ferric Species distribution Zeta potential Scanning electron microscope
CLC X703.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Paper a new approach - ion exchange prepared by polymerization of silicic acid , and poly silicon iron as raw material , poly silicate flocculant ; explore flocculation treatment of the papermaking wastewater flocculant Si / Fe molar ratio (Si / Al molar ratio ) , pH value and dosage of flocculation effect , and then get the best iron poly silicon and poly silicate flocculant preparation conditions and wastewater treatment conditions ; this basis , by changing the Fe / Al molar ratio and prepared a series of polyaluminum ferric silicate of Fe / Al molar ratio , pH value and dosage of flocculation effect , then get polyaluminum ferric silicate the best preparation conditions and wastewater processing conditions on the series flocculants morphology distribution and Zeta potential electrical characteristics measured to investigate the mechanism of the flocculant . Flocculant morphology was observed by scanning electron microscope analysis of iron , aluminum added flocculant morphology , and further research flocculation mechanism . Experimental results show that : poly silicon iron , obtained by the method of polyaluminum silicate and polyaluminum ferric silicate stability greatly improved ; Si / Fe molar ratio (Si / Al molar ratio compared with the conventional methods , Fe / Al molar ratio) is the main factor affecting the flocculant performance experimental iron poly silicon and poly optimal preparation conditions of the Al-Si Si / Fe = 1:30 and Si / Al = 1:30 ; poly aluminum silicate Ferric best preparation conditions for Si / (Fe Al ) = 1:30 , Fe / Al = 1:1 Determination of species distribution derived of the flocculant efficient flocculation mechanism of flocculants in the presence of a large number of high polymeric substances Fe_b (Al_b), Fe_b (Al_b) the higher the content , the better the flocculation effect , wastewater treatment experimental results are explained theoretically , zeta potential measurement results confirmed this mechanism .

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