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Study on Moistening Character of Expansive Soil

Author LuJie
Tutor WangTieXing
School Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology
Course Geotechnical Engineering
Keywords Expansive soils Moistening deformation Water content Dry density Load
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Expansive soils is an expansion and contraction, fissured, and overconsolidated special cohesive soils. Expansive soils are generally displayed in the flooding pressure because of its special nature, a different degree of moistening deformation. The moistening deformation is stable deformation under pressure due to the water content increases additional deformation, expansion of the land base can be caused due to plumbing leaks, the buildings poor drainage, water table rise humidification of the foundation soil, many engineering accidents are caused because of its moistening deformation. Moistening deformation key research foundation Moisture and water content, dry density and load changes, specialized computing software has been moisture field, the main contents of this article is for water content, dry density and load moistening deformation . In this paper, based on the lack of research status, the application indoor test means, Xi'an - Hanzhong freeway through the expansive soil sections based on the project moistening deformation characteristics of expansive soil initial water content, initial dry density and load level relations studied and the following conclusions: For the initial dry density of natural expansive soil, its natural moisture content is larger, the humidifier to the amount of saturated swelling deformation is smaller. The greater the the soil initial dry density, moistening deformation caused by the moisture content changes, the greater the stronger moistening deformation of water-sensitive. For the natural moisture content of the the expansive soil soil samples, moistening deformation with initial dry density increases, this law is particularly significant for low water content of expansive soil. The smaller the natural moisture content of expansive soil moistening deformation, the stronger the sensitivity of the initial dry density. When the load is relatively small, the load on the binding effect of the moistening deformation (swelling deformation decreases) the most significant, as the load increases, the load on the binding effect of the moistening deformation gradually weakened. Remodeling expansive soils and natural expansive soil has basically the same moistening deformation law, namely: the amount of swelling deformation of expansive soils humidifier to saturated decreases with increasing initial water content increased with increasing initial dry density . Expansive soil initial moisture content, initial dry density Homogeneous while, reshaping the the expansive soil without load humidifier expansion rate and the expansion rate of the load humidifiers were significantly greater than natural expansive soil. Waterproofing measures should be adopted more stringent in the actual project, expansion of compacting soil. Natural moisture content of expansive soil compaction, will result in its humidification amount of expansion increases, the actual project.

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