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Pseudo-Dynamic Substructure Testing Method for Structures

Author LiYongWang
Tutor LiuZuo
School Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology
Course Structural Engineering
Keywords Pseudo-dynamic test Substructure Numerical integration methods Load control method
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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The sub pseudodynamic dynamic test method is to study the seismic performance of an advanced test means. This method will be large and complex structure is divided into two parts, the structure portion having a complicated nonlinear characteristics for seismic loads easily destructed test, called the test sub-structure; while remaining in the linear elastic state structure portion by computer simulation , called computing substructure. By solving the dynamic equations of the overall structure, the completion of the pseudo-dynamic test process, so not only solve the problem of non-linear restoring force characteristics is difficult to determine, and reduced pilot scale, reducing the requirements for test equipment. Studied substructure intends to calculate the dynamic response of the structure in the dynamic test three numerical integration methods: the central difference method, implicit α-method and the combination of significant implicit prediction - correction Newmark (PC-Newmark) Act. By MTS the Flex Text Ⅱ m test system platform based on Visual C programming language, to write a pseudo-dynamic test based on the implicit sub-structure of the α-method calculation module, the sub-structure pseudo-dynamic test. Through a comparative analysis of the overall model pseudo-dynamic test results, the results showed that: implicit α-method is unconditionally stable, iterative high precision, small error, less restrictions on the integration step is substructure pseudo-dynamic test should be preferred numerical integration methods. The article also studied the the sub pseudo dynamic test error and eliminate errors. In addition to general pseudo-dynamic test system error and test error, the sub-structure to be unique error due to the selection of the experimental substructure dynamic test. Caused by the resolution of the test equipment and the convergence of the numerical integration methods such errors by replacing high-precision test equipment and control procedures set error limits and iterative error limit to eliminate; generated by the selection of the test sub-structure error by introducing the characteristic curve of the restoring force model instead of the basic assumptions of the computing sub-structure to eliminate. In addition, this study suggests that the introduction of a finite element model of the substructure pseudo-dynamic test and simulation analysis to calculate the sub-structure part the experimental substructure part still shear model test. A reasonable simulation boundary conditions, finite element analysis, and the combination of pseudo-dynamic test will be able to get the overall structure of a more realistic test results of the seismic response.

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