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Long spiral dug with the static pile analysis of pile construction

Author YuanShengLi
Tutor WangDong
School Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course Structural Engineering
Keywords long screw auger taking clay machine static pressuring pile gray system relevance index system
CLC TU753.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Analysis and study of long screw auger taking clay and static pressuring pile construction.This paper mainly describes classification of pre-cast reinforced concrete pile foundation,the principle of choice of the kind of pile foundation and pile foundation construction technologies.This paper focuses on several common construction technologies of auxiliary static piling which are long screw auger taking clay and static pressuring pile,piling static before vibrator pipe sinking disturbed soil,piling static before mixer disturbed soil.This paper has a detailed study on the geological condition of the north District of Kunming.In this area for the construction of the pile foundation, using a variety of construction programs do experiments and get test results that they are bearing capacity limits,the settlement amount,Length of piling, Depth of intake(disturbed soil),length of Separating.The actual construction of the same project should not simultaneously use several different pile foundation Construction programs so we need to build the appropriate mathematical model to describe systems to the best construction programs from several different and this paper introduces mathematical model of gray correlation analysis.Gray relational theory is one of the most mature systems in theory,the most widespread,and the most dynamic parts.The analysis of gray relevance uses relevance to reveal that the relevance of every influence and the right of the main factors to measure.The order of relevance can be found and finds out the optimal construction program.In this paper uses the different properties of factors:qualitative and quantitative indicators as the construction program evaluation factors.We use piling costs as the main factors to consider,and other bearing capacity limits, the settlement amount,costs of piling,costs of intake/disturbed soil,costs of separating as quantitative factors for the project,and the same time we use the limit time of project,soil compaction degree of size,noise size,remaining soil sinotrans,the scene of chaos as qualitative factors to consider pile foundation construction optimization impact.The optimal construction program can be found through gray relevant analysis through coping with every factor.In the common construction programs of the pile foundation,the construction of long screw auger taking clay and static pressuring pile is the most appropriate method for the works. Long screw auger taking clay and static pressuring pile in the actual construction has encountered many problems,and the analysis of these issues, but the most prominent problem is how to obtain the best results of pile pressure about the interval between long screw auger taking clay and static pressuring pile,in this article uses the same method of gray correlation analysis solution this problem and avoids the emergence of many problems in the construction process.Through example of project indicts that the optimization program which uses gray relevance pile calculating is simple,practical and consistent with the calculation results the actual project,in the future has great value and should further promote.Construction technology of long screw auger taking clay and static pressuring pile avoids problems because of a single course of the construction.Construction technology practice has proved that this is practicable,should be widely used in the future.

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