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The Application of Post-modern Music in the Creation of Electronic Music

Author LiXiaoJun
Tutor WenYan
School Northeast Normal University
Course Musicology
Keywords post-modernism electronic music creation application
CLC J619
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The manifestation of modern electronic music’s emergence and the creation thoughts of post-modern music’s emergence, tradition and development is the summoning of the time and it is the result of people’s continuous and hard pursuit, at the same time, it is the inevitable outcome of human music combining with the life, material, spirit realm, philosophy, thoughts and related field. It gets musical field personages’ approbation and the fancy of most people as well, and it continuously derives strong local regional new manifestation after combine with the folk culture in these regions such as Europe, America, Asia and Southeast Asia...etc.For example: Chinese New Age style, Japanese and Korea hip hop style, Indian film music descriptive expression style, European and American RAP style...etc. In the development of music art, it collides with traditional culture and reforms continuously, it attains the aim of anti-tradition and combining with tradition mutually or splitting thoroughly as well as the aim of how to scoop out inner part’s organic element, and how to produce new musical manifestation, it pushes and promotes the development of new music continuously. It has certain essence regulation as well as the development regulation of inner part and exterior, it also has the totally different thought with people’s cognition and traditional musical appearance. It is post-modern thought.By researching this topic, the purpose of writer is: how to use the combinative relationship of electronic musical creation and post-modern thought effectively, and to make both sides’musical form and the idea of creation benefit, inherit and last in the best way. In accordance with the creation of electronic music and to research post-modernism thought’s cultural origins, inherit direction, musicology aesthetic height , combination way, the confusion of music development, music creation and musicology academic debate thoroughly and meticulously, to anatomize the key problems of hinder electronic music’s creation and the development of post-modern thought, the writer read then benefited from the relevant academic worker’s research and benefited from the achievement of the electronic music’s creation and post-modern thought. Then, as for the topic of this essay, the writer wants to show his shallow knowledge and expected reasonable suggestions.Before studying the course of postgraduate, the writer is interested in the creation of electronic music and post-modern musical works while teaching students as a job, and the writer has created both sides combinative electronic musical works correspondingly, some of them were entered a competition and published. In addition to reading great quantities of the works that the musicologist published in post-modern music field and the electronic music’s creation, the writer also heard their corresponding musical works as well. The writer strives for refining a new creation way from the extensive music cultural and academic standpoints.

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