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The Research on Drought Emergency Capability Evaluation of Grassroots Government Based on the Household Survey

Author XiangShiRong
Tutor LuoHuaWei
School Sichuan Agricultural University
Course Agricultural Economics and Management
Keywords Grassroots Government Drought Emergency Capability Analytic Hierarchy Process
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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During 2009 and 2010 Yunnan suffered from heavy drought, which caused severe economic losses and hard life to the farmers. Faced with durative drought, farmers in remote areas with poor water conservancy facilities were easily attacked due to shortage of indispensable resources. Disaster emergency management is the requirement of decreasing the losses of disasters and maintaining social stability. The farmers with weak carrying capacity are not enough to deal with big disasters by themselves; they need the government’s emergency salvation. The farmers are the beneficiaries of the grassroots government’s disaster emergency management; knowing about the performance about the emergency management from the perspective of farmers is an assessment of the beneficiaries to the grassroots government’s disaster emergency management. The research on the grassroots government’s disaster emergency management with above background is very meaningful.The author surveyed 261 households in 2 severely suffered counties on the basis of emergency management, emergency capability evaluation theory and on the premise of the review of the disaster emergency management, the rural drought emergency research, the disaster emergency capability evaluation research and other related information, in order to understand the farmers’evaluation results of the grassroots government on the implementation of the drought emergency work, then to table proposals combining with actual situation, at last the author hopes it’s helpful to improve implementation effect of drought emergency work of grassroots government.Research shows that farmers suffered serious economic losses, although the farmers themselves take the appropriate measures, and drought emergency work of grassroots government is also more comprehensive and effective, therefore, emergency response capabilities has been recognized by farmers to a certain extent,. However, the drought of this time is more severe, as it lasted for a very long time, and affected a very wide range, so related emergency work can also be improved. To get effective evaluation on grassroots government drought emergency capability from farmers, corresponding research is carried on according to the scoring results of farmers in the paper. Based on the previous academic research and combined with actual situation, the evaluation index system is constructed, then according to expert scoring results of that, the index weight is determined by the method of AHP, finally we get the scoring results of farmers. The results show that farmers believe that the level of drought emergency capacity of grassroots government is close to meet the general requirement, in the middle level; drought emergency capability has the most significant influence on grassroots government drought emergency capability evaluation. The construction of water conservancy facilities and forecasting information system, and the ability of warning forecasting are very important elements in the drought emergency capability evaluation of grassroots government; the evaluation of grassroots government’s emergency capability is related with the degree of damage the farmers suffered; the scores they give to the specific target have obvious regional disparity. On the basis of research results, the paper proposes some suggestions, i.e., to strengthen the construction of water conservancy facilities, to reinforce the combination of a variety of information and communication channels, to increase the investment in rural disaster areas, to promote the government’s performance assessment by combining self assessment and farmers’evaluation, to perfect corresponding social security mechanism in rural areas. It is expected that the drought emergency work results of grassroots government can be gradually improved.

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