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Rapid Propagation and Tetraploid Breeding of Zamioculcas Zamiifolia Rehd.

Author LiangJun
Tutor LiangGuoLu
School Southwestern University
Course Floriculture
Keywords Money tree In vitro culture Polyploid Cold hardiness
CLC S682.36
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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The money tree (Zamioculcas zamiifolia Rehd.) Araceae (Araceae), new excavations with unique ornamental value indoor foliage plants. In this study, using tissue culture combined the colchicine induced by technology, money tree tetraploid induction, and tetraploid rapid identification, propagation, rooting transplanting issues such as the system. Money tree from Rapid Propagation System Research results show that: the best explant disinfection methods: the material first with a neutral detergent soak 10min, gently scrub with a brush, then rinse tap water, and dry with filter paper moisture , sterile water, and washed 4 to 5 times with 75% ethanol disinfection 20s, 0.1% mercuric chloride for 10min (few drops of Tween-20). The young leaves are best explant callus induction. The early generation of the best medium for callus induction MS 2.0 mg/L6-BA 0.2 mg / LNAA, induction rate was 88.9%. The best medium subculture proliferation of MS 3.0 mg / L 6-BA 0.1 mg / L NAA, adventitious bud differentiation rate is the highest, up to 315 percent, the highest proliferation coefficient up to 4.2. Rooting the best medium for 1/2 MS 0.5 mg / L IBA, the rooting rate up to 98.9%, and thick, more roots, root hairs obvious transplanting survival rate of 95.0%. Money tree of the tested materials are diploid (2n = 2x = 34). On this basis, the the colchicine solution soak diploid money tree induction, results show that the best tetraploid induction rate of 10% to 0.4% colchicine solution for 24h. Colchicine induced tetraploid (2n = 4x = 68) and a little chimera. The tetraploid money tree in the diploid optimal proliferation medium and rooting medium, proliferation and good rooting circumstances, transplant the tetraploid preliminary succeed. The money tree tetraploid and diploid external morphological characteristics observed results showed: under the same environmental conditions and growth stages, the tetraploid plants reflects the huge organ, vigorous growth, sturdy stems, root hypertrophy, and other characteristics. 82.0% of the diploid blade length, width, thickness, respectively, 123% and 186%; leaf index is smaller, only 66.7% of the diploid. Stomatal characteristics, tetraploid guard cells significantly increased its transverse diameter and longitudinal diameter of approximately diploid 127.2% and 123.4%, respectively, the number of chloroplasts in the guard cells increased significantly, approximately diploid 151.0 %, stomatal density decreased about 67.2% of the diploid. Tetraploid and diploid money tree plants for low-temperature processing, compare the rate of electrolyte leakage and peroxide hydrogen enzyme activity. Money tree, the hydrogen peroxide activity of tetraploid than diploid enhanced, higher than the 43.5% diploid. All these show that the tetraploid money tree resistance to cold than diploid. This paper also found that the chlorophyll content increased with increasing ploidy, and is closely related to chlorophyll content and photosynthesis, can provide important data to guide production and improved varieties of money tree cultivation.

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