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Studies of HPLC Fingerprint Electropherogram of Rhubarb and Rhubarb Stir-fried with Wine’s Pharmacological Action Position Which Relates to Activating Blood Circulation to Dissipate Blood Stasis

Author LiuXin
Tutor AnLianYing
School Chengdu University of Technology
Course Analytical Chemistry
Keywords Rhubarb wine Stasis Fingerprinting
CLC R285
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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The rhubarb wine Sunburn, enhance the role of stasis in the thousands of years of clinical practice, rhubarb wine used for promoting blood circulation prescription. In this thesis, under the guidance of the Chinese medicine theory, the use of modern science and technology in stasis parts, pharmacological experiments and fingerprints of rhubarb, and concocted tasting rhubarb study. Reinforced stasis to big rice wine Sunburn role as the starting point, by the traditional Chinese medicine - herbs theory - chemical composition - pharmacological effects - fingerprint \Research rhubarb wine with effective parts of the pharmacological effects of stasis, and the site of action fingerprint. This is to clarify and confirm the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, to ensure the efficacy of Chinese Herbal Medicine, guidance Pieces plants correctly processed cooked rhubarb has a very important practical significance. Part of the scientific basis for the establishment of the rhubarb wine the Pieces quality control system. According to the 2005 edition of the \Results experimental medicinal herbs comply with the requirements of the Pharmacopoeia, qualified. Tube method and the filter paper method, rhubarb and rhubarb wine distilled water, 95% ethanol, petroleum ether extract research results show that the precipitation reaction or color reaction with a variety of indicators and chromogenic reagent rhubarb and rhubarb wine containing amino acids, organic acids, proteins, peptides, polysaccharides, saponins, phenols, tannins, flavonoids, coumarins, anthraquinones, terpenoids, steroids, volatile oil, grease and other chemical ingredients. Found no alkaloids, cardiac glycosides and other components. Separation system solvent extract of rhubarb wine rhubarb extract fractions of different polarity. Washed successively with chloroform, n-butanol, 50% ethanol and water as the extraction solvent extraction. Extraction conditions: plus 10 times the amount of solvent, and extracted twice, each extraction for 1 hour, the extract was filtered, concentrated, and finally get the extracted parts of the corresponding solvent. Animal pharmacological experiments, the application of stasis the related pharmacodynamic indicators that rhubarb by wine system, and enhance the effectiveness of stasis and screening rhubarb wine stasis parts of the pharmacological effects of 50% ethanol extract. Determined the rhubarb wine stasis pharmacological effects parts of HPLC fingerprint of conditions. Chromatograph: LC-20AB high performance liquid chromatography instrument; column: Krosmosil C18 (4.6mm x 200mm, 5 μm): mobile phase: A (0.1% phosphoric acid methanol): B (0.1% phosphoric acid water) is (82:18) ; flow rate: 1.0ml/min; process the: 35mira Detector wavelength: 254nm; Column temperature: room temperature. Initially established for the first time the rhubarb wine stasis pharmacological effects parts HPLC fingerprint. Make sure that the seven peaks as characteristic peaks fingerprint. By examining six different enterprises the rhubarb wine stasis pharmacological site of action HPLC fingerprint standard HPLC fingerprint. Compared with the control, to determine the three peaks in the the the rhubarb wine stasis pharmacological site of action HPLC fingerprint attribution are: rhein, emodin and chrysophanol. Chromatographic fingerprint similarity evaluation software, the production of 10 batches of the same production site of action of different batches of rhubarb wine stasis pharmacological HPLC fingerprint similarity above 0.98. Rhubarb wine stasis examine five different manufacturers pharmacological site of action HPLC fingerprint of the overall outline are in line with the common features, and rhubarb wine can be regarded as medicinal herbs. Its similarity above 0.91.

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